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NUK Genius Silikon-Schnuller Girl

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  • Taking nature as its example: NUK Shape resembles a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds
  • Even kinder to teeth thanks to improved shape: less pressure on jaw and teeth
  • Extra soft on the top and very flat baglet, teat neck particularly thin and narrow
  • Adapts optimally to the palate and gives the tongue more space
  • BPA-free, 2 per pack, Design „Girl“

NUK Genius: Always a good choice

When choosing a pacifier for their baby, many parents put their trust in the NUK Genius. It satisfies a baby’s innate need to suck and is both calming and comforting. When babies actively suck on their pacifier, this helps to give important exercise to the mouth and jaw muscles and promotes healthy oral development. Its NUK Shape was developed together with medical experts and is continually undergoing further optimisation. We have now been able to improve the NUK Shape that is right for the jaw and make the NUK Genius Pacifier even kinder to teeth:

Optimal at adapting

The top of the new NUK Genius’ baglet is especially soft, letting it adapt to your baby’s palate in the best possible way.

More space

The extra-flat baglet offers the tongue more space, enabling natural sucking movements. Thanks to the transition from the neck of the teat to the baglet being smoother, the pacifier feels particularly familiar and natural to your baby.

Less pressure on jaw and teeth

The teat neck of the NUK Genius is even thinner and narrower to reduce pressure on the jaws and teeth. Silicone is a clear material that is easy to clean and is particularly heat-resistant. It can be boiled, is free from harmful substances, odourless, transparent and has a smooth surface.

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