A successful gift from A to Z: a bracelet for babies with alphabet beads

alphabet beads

Are you trying to come up with a truly special gift to mark the birth of your child – or perhaps a child belonging to a relative, friend or acquaintance? These baby bracelets are a great option. Instead of a mass-produced product, you can give a stylish and unique gift, allowing you to express yourself creatively and select elements with a high symbolic value – such as alphabet beads for the baby's name. You can create any combination of colours and materials to give your baby's bracelet a look of its own, with little effort – but lots of emotion – to create a wonderful first accessory for the baby.

These baby bracelets are a popular gift for expectant parents as with his baby bracelet, you're not just giving any old gift; instead, you’re giving something that is both meaningful and joyful.

The alphabet beads round off the fun of crafting even more, turning the baby bracelet into a name chain. Don’t forget that the beads can be combined to show more than just the baby's name: there are so many words that you can combine with your best wishes to send a welcome message to the little one and his or her parents! Simply look for the exact beads that you require for your message and bracelet design, and order everything online from the Schnullerkettenladen store.

You're sure to feel the joy of giving when you hand over your home-made baby bracelet. A loving message made from alphabet beads is always a hit. To ensure that you can start your work as quickly as possible, we deliver within a few days, and hope you have lots of fun threading the letters to read J-O-Y and lots of other lovely words!

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Naming beads: which name is right for your child?

A name needs to last a lifetime. That makes it different from the baby's first roller suit, pushchair or even the name chain – though of course you can keep that as a reminder! Names define the people they are given to, and the search for a name is a major responsibility. Ultimately, it is a decision that lasts an entire lifetime – so it's hardly surprising that some parents’ choice of name is rejected by the official bodies who register names in some countries.

In Germany, there is no official basis for a rejection: instead, it is a question of exercising judgement. Nevertheless, there are many cases when people should be thankful that they did not allow the selected name to be registered, although unfortunately, no one knows what alternatives were available to the parents and what the children were actually called.

As you set about creating dummy chains, teething toys, pushchair chains and key chains with alphabet beads and cubes, think about what you are customising: is the name right one for the child's entire life, or just good for a laugh? ;) You can create a unique gift, in the form of a lovingly-created dummy chain which reflects everything that gives you and the baby pleasure to create a truly unique gift to mark the baby's birth.

The choice is yours: if you want a chain with a truly natural feel, simply choose wooden beads. If you want to adapt the colour of the name to reflect the colour concept behind your dummy chain or key fob, we recommend our brightly coloured plastic alphabet cubes in a range of different colours. Make sure you use colourful accents – in light blue, pink, or all the colours of the rainbow, because a palette of bright colours makes babies happy! You decide which colour palette is right for you, and which combinations of colours and materials looks best. To do this, take a voyage of discovery through our shop and see for yourself which alphabet cubes truly reflect your preferences and expectations.

The 7×4 mm plastic alphabet beads with a 1 mm thread hole create an even more elegant effect for the baby's bracelet, which nestles wonderfully in little hands. Please note: all beads fulfil the legal requirements of DIN-EN 71-3 to ensure that the baby is protected. We offer packages with individual letters from A to Z. As we sell the majority of our beads in fixed package sizes, they are suitable for the commercial manufacture of baby bracelets – for instance, if you own a shop selling items for babies. For larger orders, we have also created a number of volume discount options, which can be found at the end of the relevant product description.

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