Half rings or little bells? Purchase the craft materials for your baby gift online

half rings

Playing makes us happy! That goes for babies as well. And it is especially good for development of your young, when they learn to play, and discover their world. This connection between play and learning can include, for example, a instructions grabbing toy, which not only looks sweet, but simultaneously trains the motor functions of the young. As a gift idea for the very young, you can seek out your favourite craft materials for the gripping toy, purchase at Schnullerketenladen, and then get straight to work. The basis, along with the cord and the wooden beads, is naturally the half ring. You can find the half rings for your completely personal baby gift in our online store. Browse through our range of craft materials, from half rings to little bells, then order your wished products, simply and comfortably at home.

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Half rings for colourful children's toys

A half ring is an essential component of every gripping toy. We stock half rings in 25 different colours, so your creativity can run free. Search for your favourite colours, from sunny yellow to a delicate pastel blue, through to fiery red or exotic turquoise. Then it's your decision as to whether you would like to use cord and beads as a colourful contrast to the half ring. Or maybe you have a more harmonic theme in mind for the design of your toy. In addition to the plain coloured, wooden half rings, we stock half rings with motifs, for example, flowers or hearts. No matter which design or colour you eventually wish to purchase – every half ring conforms to the regulatory DIN-EN 71-3 standards. So you can carefreely craft and then use the baby toy. The paint used is non-toxic, and saliva-fast, and you can be safe in the knowledge that there is no danger when your baby bites the half ring.

From half rings to beads – self created gripping toys

Even if you don't have especially so much crafting experience, you can of course still create an original and beautiful grasping ring, fascinating to the eyes of both babies and parents, we would like to direct you to schnullerkettenladen.de: we have step by step directions to manufacture a gripping toy with a personlised name, available for you. On our website, you will find all the craft materials (cord, half rings, wooden rings or silicone rings, alphabet cubes) to craft instructions with pictures, giving all our DIY friends the neccessary information for impressive results. We wish you much fun, both creating and giving your baby present!

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