Handicraft Instructions Children's Bracelet With Name

Sparkling Name Jewellery for Kids: a Homemade Children's Bracelet With Name

The famous mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras said: "Give your child a name that it will think of as an honour." Many parents act on that and are proud of their name choice for their children. Name jewellery is therefore very popular with children and parents alike – it is just particularly personal. If you make your own name jewellery, you have full freedom of choice of colours and materials. Schnullerkettenladen offers fans of crafting a huge selection of colourful craft materials.

These handicraft instructions show you how to make a narrow children's bracelet with name from glittering acrylic glass beads and spacers. Due to the filigree materials and the thin nylon band, you should be especially careful and patient when making the bracelet. Nevertheless, such a self-made children's bracelet is finished in about 10 to 15 minutes. It's worth taking a look at our other crafting instructions for children's accessories. Have fun creating your own DIY projects!

Interesting questions and answers about the children's bracelet in advance

Children's bracelets are usually between 12 cm and 16 cm long. Up to about 10 years, a bracelet length of 14 cm is usually sufficient.
At best, measure the child's wrist and add about 2 cm for easy putting on and taking off.

Besides birth, there are many nice occasions for which you can give your homemade children's bracelet with name as a gift.
These are, for example, the various youth celebrations:

  • Christian confirmation, communion or confirmation
  • the Jewish Bar or Bat Mitzvah
  • the Hindu Upanayana festival
  • or another coming-of-age party
  • As a gift for a child's birthday, Christmas, Easter, other festivities or as a friendship bracelet, a DIY children's bracelet with a name will make children's eyes light up.

Video Tutorial for Making a Children’s Bracelet With a Name

Video Craft Instructions Children's Bracelet

The handicraft material you need for making a children's bracelet with name:

handicraft material for children's bracelet with name

The small tools you need:

needle and threadneedle and thread
measuring tapemeasuring tape

Handicraft Material for Children's Bracelets:

Step 1: Experimenting With Beads

step-by-step instructions children's bracelet with name: arranged beads

This is the fun part: arrange your acrylic beads, spacers and letter beads until you are happy with your jewellery design.

Where the knot will later hold the bead strand together, you should place two spacers. They will cover the knot a little.

In order to estimate the children's bracelet's length, simply measure the child's wrist's circumference with a measuring tape. Add approx. 2 cm so that the finished bracelet can be pulled comfortably over the hand.

Step 2: Preparing the Stringing

step-by-step instructions children's bracelet with name: stringing aid

Now you need a sewing needle and thread for a making a stringing aid. First test whether the needle is fine enough to fit through the acrylic beads without any problems.

Double the nylon band. Now tie the sewing thread with the needle to the loop that has been created.

Step 3: Stringing the Beads

step-by-step instructions children's bracelet with name: strung bead strand

Now string all spacers and beads onto the nylon band. It is important that you do this with patience so as not to damage the nylon band.

The best way to do this is as follows for each bead: Using the needle, pull a small piece of nylon band through the bead. Then you can continue to pull directly on the nylon band – instead of pulling the needle.

Step 4: Making the First Knot to Close the Bracelet

step-by-step instructions children's bracelet with name: first knot

Carefully remove the stringing aid by using scissors. Make a simple knot and pull it as tight as possible.

Step 5: Making More Knots

step-by-step instructions children's bracelet with name: more knots

Now make four more knots. After each knot, pull jerkily several times. This is the only way to make the multiple knots really tight due to the nylon band's elasticity.

Step 6: Finishing the Children's Bracelet

step-by-step instructions children's bracelet with name: finished children's bracelet

Pull the elastic band from both sides to expose the knot once again and carefully weld it with a lighter. Now cut the nylon band's ends with scissors to a few millimetres. Be careful not to cut into the knot. If necessary, push the band's ends under the spacers with the needle's blunt tip.

Never use glue to try stabilising the knot. Glue would only harden the nylon band, resulting in a predetermined breaking point in the long run!

You're done! Doesn't the bracelet on the child's wrist look great – the way it sparkles and glitters in the sunlight? We wish the child lots of fun with its new DIY piece of jewellery!




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Important Notes for Using Children's Bracelets

Special care should always be taken in regards to children's accessories. Therefore, please observe the following notes regarding the use of your self-made children's bracelet:

  • Only let children who are old enough wear the bracelet. It is not suitable for babies!
  • Check the bracelet regularly for safety.
  • Clean the bracelet carefully with a cloth. Strong detergents or disinfectants are not suitable for cleaning.

Advantages of Using a Children's Bracelet

Many kids are enthusiastic about sparkling children's jewellery. All the better if it is homemade by a nice person – and include the child's own name! What a perfect opportunity to try out our handicraft instructions for a children's bracelet with name.

Or how about an afternoon doing handicrafts together with your child? The choice is yours regarding the children's bracelet: whether it's a single-coloured or multicoloured, with lots of spacers or just two – give free rein to your child's creativity. The delicate bracelet made of faceted acrylic glass beads is also a great little name present for children.

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