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wooden beads

On schnullerkettenladen.de you can find a large selection of wooden beads, that not only can be used for making individual dummy chains but also for producing toys such as grasping toys or pushchair chains. For this we have an extensive selection of beads that include following types:

  • Wood lenses
  • Round beads
  • Grooved beads
  • Safety beads (for ends and hiding knots)

It is your choice how you design them. Would you like for example to alternate between lenses and round beads or create a structural change between smooth and grooved? Thanks to our different bead shapes this is no problem! There is also a large colour choice available allowing for varied designs: You can pick your favourite from 30 different colours. Combine the wood beads as you see fit. When threading create colourful contrasts with yellow, green and purple or design a harmonious play of colours that comprises of various tones of lilac as well as light and dark blue.

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Choose beautiful wooden beads for your crafting project

In addition to the different shapes, at Schnullerkettenladen we have beads of varied sizes ranging from 7 to 18 mm depending on the picked type of bead. Depending on the requirements of your handicraft project - a dummy chain, a grasping toy or bracelet – you are able to opt between two package sizes for wood beads. We offer a large and small package. The number of beads in a bag is dependent on the type of bead. You have a free choice of a single colour that is in your wooden bead bag. This provides for results with an individual touch, that don't only look appealing but in the case of grasping toys also improve the motor skills of your offspring.

High-quality wood beads "Made in Germany"

We attach great importance to the wooden beads not only being easy to thread but they are also suitable for babies and children. For this reason during manufacturing, which only takes place in Germany, we adhere to DIN EN 71-3 standards. This means that amongst other things when colouring our beads we only use lacquers which are sweat and saliva resistant as well as colourfast and non-toxic. Therefore you don’t have to worry when making a dummy chain with our beads.

In addition to our wood beads you can also get much more craft accessories in our online shop. This extends from cords to motif beads all the way to dummy clips for individually designed and practical chains or accessories for pushchairs.

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