Baby shower: Questions, tips & tricks for a successful baby party

Baby Shower

What is a baby shower?

What a joy, a baby soon will be here! This joyous anticipated event is not only celebrated extensively in the US but also Germany. We have compiled what is actually meant with a so-called „Baby Shower“ as well as who organizes it where. This way you will soon be able to organize your personal baby party and be well prepared.

Traditionally the party is organized for the pregnant mum as a special event prior to the birth of the child. The (mostly female) guests are friends and relatives who get together to celebrate with the pregnant woman before she finally becomes a mother - and turns her entire attention to her baby. The visitors bring gifts and spend several hours with funny games, a meal and drinks. Whilst all others toast the occasion with champagne with pregnant mother is provided with tasty juices and alcohol-free cocktails.

Interesting questions and answers about the baby shower

At a baby shower, the upcoming birth of a child is celebrated together with the expectant mother. The guests look forward to the new person together with the happy parents.

Plan your baby shower well in advance and ask other guests if they would like to prepare the party together. Keep in mind that the well-being of the expectant mother is paramount. If it is not to be a surprise party, you can ask her about her wishes.
Create a guest list, set a maximum budget and send out the invitations in good time. A list of gifts requested by the parents is especially helpful. This way the guests can be sure that the parents are happy about the gifts and can use them.
Also choose exciting, fun baby shower games and decorate the party room nicely.

Usually, the mother-to-be’s friends organise the baby shower for her. However, you can also involve the soon-to-be mother in your planning if it is not to be a surprise party. The father-to-be can also help with the organisation.

There are many meaningful gift ideas for birth.
Gift ideas for the baby:

  • for diapering, for example a nappy cake, a cloth nappy package or a diaper bag
  • to care for and clean the baby, such as spit-up cloths, baby massage oil or towels
  • for breastfeeding the baby, such as a nursing pillow, a nursing cloth or nursing teas
  • baby clothes and accessories such as a dummy chain with a name, baby socks or a romper suit
  • items related to eating such as a bib, a bottle or a bottle brush
  • for sleeping and cuddling, such as a baby blanket, a swaddling sack or a baby nest
  • for carrying the baby, such as a baby sling, a baby carrier or a matching baby carrier cover
  • toys like a rattle, a music box or a stuffed animal
Gift ideas for the parents-to-be:
  • gift vouchers for friendship services
  • value coupons as gift vouchers, for example for the spa, a massage or a children's first aid course
  • wellness gifts such as bath balls, relaxation baths or a cherry pit cushion
  • books that help to understand children, nappy guides or pretty covers for the child's examination record and vaccination certificate
  • remembrance gifts such as a baby diary, a memory box or milestone photo cards

Usually, the costs of a baby shower are shared among the guests. You should clarify this with everyone involved at an early stage.

The term "baby shower" for a baby shower comes from the expression "to shower someone with gifts".

Questions & answers relating to a baby shower

When is a baby shower organized?

There is no fixed time for a baby shower. Generally it will take place about two month ahead of the due date so that the pregnancy is in an advanced stage but the birth is not yet imminent. So that the party planning runs smoothly and all invited guests put in an appearance it is recommended to fix the date in advance. A Saturday tends to be a good day. This allows friends and family living far away to comfortably plan their travel arrangements. There are also baby showers that are organized after the birth. Then the focus turns to welcoming the newborn and congratulate the new parents.


invitation card baby shower

Who organizes the baby shower?

Baby Shower - It´s a girl

In most cases close friends or relatives organize the party so that the expectant mum has to do nothing. They send invitation cards, get decoration, organize food and funny games. In consultation smaller and larger presents are brought together which might form a useful contribution for an initial stocking or one may take a very creative and individual approach.

A special highlight is a surprise party. This way the mum won't worry about catering for the guests and can just enjoy the lovely occasion. Here it is advised to involve the father of the baby as he can provide details on baby items still needed as well as ensure that on the day of the party there are no other possible commitments or appointments which could prevent her attendance.

Where does the baby shower take place?

Baby shower

Whether the event takes place at the pregnant woman's or friend's house is a matter of taste and depends on the respective local settings. During the summer time a great garden party is a good option. A decisive aspect for any baby shower is appropriate decoration. Here you can be slightly cheesy. Streamers, garlands, balloons and amusing table decoration are key essentials for a successful party. Most events also have a funny motto that often is hanging in letters above the door frame. Of course catering is an important issue. If it is a garden party then a barbecue might be the right option. In the afternoon you can ice the cupcakes with lovely motives and serve them. Fruit, hearty dishes as well as small snacks and appetizers are ideal for the evening.

What is the actual course of a baby shower?

Baby shower

In order to ensure the expectant mother is not put under too much stress the baby shower is ideally planned for the afternoon or early hours in the evening. The highlight of any baby shower is imaginative games that are related to babies and pregnancy. So for example putting on nappies is good way of starting proceedings and if all participants don't know each other. Another option might be to guess the waist size of the pregnant women with help of toilet paper as measurement item. The person closest to the actual figure gets a prize in form of a cocktail in a baby bottle. Sure to be a hit is the "Chocolate Nappy Game". Here different types of chocolate are melted and spread in different nappies. The guests then recognize from the smell (or taste?!) which type of chocolate it is.

5 Tips for a perfect baby shower

Baby shower - invitation

1. Set a date on time and send out invitation cards

In order to give those living further away a chance to plan their travel itinerary it is advised to set the date in good time. After the guest list has been determined send out the invitations and the further planning can commence.

2. Determine an ideal location

Where should it take place? That will depend on how many guests actually accept the invitation as well as the personal preferences and the locality. The least amount of effort would be to stage it at the home of the expectant mother if the own apartment is not designated as the place for the party.

3. Plan gift ideas

In order to avoid duplex purchases it is recommended to put together a gift list. Here the feedback of the father and closest friends will be important. That will reveal what is still needed and provide for joy.

4. Pick great party games

When choosing the right games it is not about the quantity but more of offering imaginative and enjoyable games that includes all guests. With all euphoria it is worth keeping the expectant mothers needs in minds. It should not be too rapturous.

5. Organize decorations and meals

Regardless whether the baby shower turns into a garden party or it is just a cozy afternoon with coffee and lovely decorated cupcakes - the easiest way of handling catering is spreading out the responsibility. This way each guest provides a small contribution. The same applies to decoration. Making things together can also be a pleasurable experience!

The perfekt baby party present

The dummy chain

Dummy Chain

It is not easy to find an answer to the question what the ideal gift might be. The present should be something useful but at the same time personal and not too expensive. Next to the classic diaper cake a dummy chain is a wonderful idea. It can be designed and compiled individually and has the additional benefit of being useful. A dummy chain is attached to the romper or another cloth item ensuring the dummy doesn't fall on the floor or get lost when it is spat out by the baby. In addition to this the chain is a great toy both as a visual as well as haptic attraction. Thanks to the diverse selection of colourful wood beads, affectionate crochet beads, wonderful motive beads as well as alphabet cubes for individual name lettering you can make a little unique gift for the expectant mothers and child that won't require much effort and be well received. With equal ease you can make great grasping toys, pushchair chains and pushchair mobiles.