Alphabet Cubes for Pacifier Chains with Names

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Are you searching for a lovely gift idea for the offspring? Pacifier chains are always a welcome present. The joy with this gift is even greater if you create it yourself. Get creative and work with various colours, to form a fascinating and appealing toy, that at the same time provides a clear, hygienic advantage: the pacifier can be secured on the child's clothing, and doesn't fall again and again to the ground. For a special and original creation, you can design a name chain, by including alphabet cubes. In the Schnullerkettenladen, you can obtain alphabet cubes made of either wood or plastic. Search for the exact cubes that you need to use for the desired name or word, and then order online at Send the gift recipient a smile, as they unpack the personlised chain with alphabet beads. So, lets's get to work! And have fun.

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Alphabet Cubes to personalise your baby gifts

It's especially easy to personalise pacifier chains, gripping toys, pram chains and key rings with our alphabet cubes. Use our lovingly formed, small cubes to include the baby's name, or child's nickname in your gift. The result is a heartfelt gift, full of warmth.

It is naturally up to you, whether you would prefer the chain to appear natural, and for this look you would select the wood cubes or if you would like the name to be colourful, and to match or contrast with the rest of your pacifier chain or key-ring, then you can select the coloured, plastic alphabet cubes. You can choose your own colour theme…baby blue, pink or rainbow colours. Simply select the alphabet cubes in the shades that you like.

Alphabet cubes in various sizes for private or trade use

You can choose your favourites at Schnullerkettenladen. The plastic cubes measure 10 mm. The related wooden cubes have edges measuring 10, 11 oder 12 mm, depending on the model. All cubes conform to the DIN-EN 71-3 standard. In addition, the corners of the cubes are rounded, making them ideal for the creation of toys for babies and children. The wooden cubes are available in either an embossed or printed variant.

With us, you have the possibilty to order an alphabet mix in wooden or plastic cubes, and for the composition of alphabet letters, and the amounts to be selected by yourself. Maybe it´s just one particular letter of the alphabet that you'd like? Then we can offer you packs containing single letters of the alphabet from A to Z. You can also purchase the wooden cubes, embossed with Russian and Turkish letters of the alphabet from us.

We sell most of our cubes in standard pack sizes (300 in wood cubes, 580 in plastic cubes), especially suitable for example, for owners of a baby store, and the trade manufacture of pacifier chains. For larger purchases of the alphabet cubes, we offer a scaled discount, which you can find at the end of each product description.

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