Handicraft Instructions Picture Frame Decorated With Wooden Beads

Decoratively Frames Your Favourite Motifs: a Wooden Bead Frame

A picture frame is a versatile home accessory: its transparent cover protects beloved family photos, artistic drawings or high-quality prints. Reason enough to turn this practical everyday object with some creativity and a little patience into an individual work of art!

These handicraft instructions explain how you can enhance a frame using wooden beads. Your chosen picture frame's borders should be wide enough so that you can easily glue on your chosen beads. It should also match the beads' colours, since even the area on which the beads will be glued, will remain slightly visible. To make sure that the wooden beads' holes are not visible and to create nice looking bead strands, we string the beads on a cord with a matching colour.

Since you will be working with a hot-glue gun, we recommend using some kind of crafting mat during the gluing process. Also have kitchen paper, handkerchiefs or something similar ready. Because the hot-glue threads quickly "take on a life of their own" during the crafting process, it is also a good idea to wear old or worn out clothes that may get adhesive stains. Also choose hot-glue sticks whose glue dries transparent.

Please take an afternoon for this handicraft project. A much faster DIY project is the popular dummy chain with name. Further handicraft instructions for home accessories are also available from Schnullerkettenladen. No matter which of those tutorials you implement: We wish you a lot of fun!

Interesting questions and answers about the wooden bead picture frame in advance

There is a great advantage to decorating a picture frame with wooden beads: You can thereby individualise and personalise your picture frame.

You have various possibilities to turn a picture frame into a personalised DIY gift by sticking wooden beads on it.

  • For example, you can use letter cubes to represent a name, a date of birth or congratulations.
  • Use pretty motif beads for visual highlights.
  • Different colours of beads bring even more variety into play.

The handicraft material you need for making a wooden bead frame:

craft materials for wooden bead frame

The tools you need:

hot-glue gunhot-glue gun

The handicraft material you need for making a wooden bead frame:

Step 1: Experimenting With Wooden Beads

step-by-step instructions wooden bead frame: beads strung and laid on picture frame

The picture frame that you want to decorate is in front of you? Wonderful! Now let's get creative: Choose the wooden beads to use and think of your own individual design. For example, you can use different colours, motif beads and bead sizes. The choice is entirely up to you.

To test if your bead selection fits the size of the frame, first use a sufficiently long piece of cord. Melt the cord ends carefully with a lighter. This prevents them from fraying and makes stringing easier.

String the wooden beads. Test by placing them on the picture frame whether the number of beads required is correct.

Step 2: Gluing the Beads With Hot Glue

step-by-step instructions wooden bead frame: gluing wooden beads with hot glue

Let's prepare using the hot-glue gun: Put a crafting mat on the table and maybe you also want to open a window because of the hot glue's fumes. Put kitchen paper, handkerchiefs or something similar ready for use. Turn on the hot-glue gun and wait until the glue has melted.

First, test on the crafting mat the hot glue's handling. Try to get a feeling for how you can make nice and clean glue dots.

It is best removing the beads that you have strung in step 1 from the cord, except for a few wooden beads. This gives you more space for gluing smoothly.

So let's switch theory to practice: Take the first bead and put a blob of hot glue on it. Press it onto the picture frame with your fingers (or with tweezers if there is too much glue) for about 20 seconds. If too much glue is coming out from under the bead, wipe it away as quickly as possible while it is still liquid with kitchen paper or handkerchiefs. You can still remove the slightly dried glue, but it will fray, which doesn't look very nice.

Then patiently glue each bead, one by one, with the hot glue – except for the last wooden bead.

Step 3: Adding the Last Bead

step-by-step instructions wooden bead frame: finishing the wooden bead frame by addig the last bead

You have successfully glued all but the last bead? Great! Then the most difficult part has already been done. String the very last wooden bead. Shorten the cord ends to about 1 cm. Melt them again briefly with the lighter. Now pass the cord ends either into the adjacent beads or between them. A pair of tweezers can be helpful for doing that.

Step 4: Finishing the Wooden Bead Frame

step-by-step instructions wooden bead frame: finished DIY wooden bead frame

Finally, glue the last bead. If necessary, you can also fix the cord ends with glue if they are between the beads.

You've made it! Your DIY wooden bead picture frame is ready to use. Now all you have to do is: put it up or hang it up a wall for you to enjoy it every day!




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Important Notes for Using Wooden Bead Frames

Please observe the following notes regarding the use of your self-made wooden bead frame:

  • Keep the wooden bead picture frame out of reach of children who are too young.
  • Check the picture frame regularly to ensure it is undamaged.
  • Clean the frame carefully with a cloth. Strong detergents or disinfectants are not suitable for cleaning.

Advantages of Using a Wooden Bead Frame

A picture frame self-decorated with wooden beads is a wonderful thing. These handicraft instructions are only meant to help you understanding the basic steps. Design it according to your personal wishes: