Wooden teething pendant to help your baby learn and play

Wooden teething pendant

Schnullerkettenladen's wide range is full of adorable surprises for craft lovers and their babies, including these smooth and stylish wooden teething pendants. Teething pendants are an intelligent way to add to your baby's range of toys, with a teething rings that encourage children's senses of touch and sight, with pretty pendants that can quickly be added to teething toys or even dummy chains. After this, your little one can bite down – into an authentic, natural product. The teething pendants are made from maple wood or beech wood and comply with the DIN EN 71-3 standard.

As well as our wooden teething rings, Schnullerkettenladen offers a wide range of other craft products to enable you to create your own baby toys. Discover the complete selection of brightly coloured wooden and designer beads in a range of different sizes, shapes, colours and languages. If you would like to personalise your work even further, our letter cubes and plastic letter beads will be exactly what you’re looking for. That's because adding a child's name, an appropriate term of endearment or a funny picture design will give any gift a truly individual touch. That applies to gifts to mark a baby's birth in particular, making a big impression by turning a little, thoughtful gesture into something truly eye-catching that expresses dedication and love. Browse our online shop for even more creative ideas. As an alternative to our wooden teething rings, we also offer silicone teething pendants.

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Babies are big fans: teething rings offer the best help when teething.

When children's first gnashers start coming through, it can be a really stressful event, and it's good to be prepared. But how can you recognise when a child is teething, and when do a baby's first teeth really start to appear?

On average, babies start to get their first milk teeth as they approach six months of age, usually starting with the central incisors on the lower jaw, with the upper teeth following. This can be accompanied by fever, diarrhoea, and sometimes with a sore bum. That is because children's immune systems are weakened during teething, making them more vulnerable to infections. For that reason, it's important to discuss any persistent symptoms with your paediatrician.

Six signs of teething that can appear with varying prominence:

  • Children place objects or their own hands into their mouths to chew down
  • A sore mouth
  • Hot, red cheeks
  • Swollen and red gums
  • The baby is not hungry or has a weak appetite
  • Frequent crying and screaming and restlessness – significantly more than usual

Parents sometimes recognise teething when their children need to be hugged much more than usual and prefer to remain much closer to their parents – and of course, Mummy and Daddy are exactly the right people to make teething easier for their little one.

Five tips and a teething ring to make teething less painful:

  • Get close, with lots of tenderness and distraction. Carry the baby around with you
  • Apply a soothing cream to sore mouths
  • Give a foot reflexology massage, carefully kneading the baby’s toes
  • Apply gauze bandages to catch the flow of saliva and prevent the baby’s neck from becoming cold
  • Hard, stale bread or other foods that don't yield when chewed on

An alternative to stale bread: the teething ring!

A teething ring must be preferable to a hard piece of stale bread! After all, the bread eventually turns soft and leaves behind lots of crumbs covered in drool! However, the piece of bread is still a good idea – just one that can be improved upon by using wood or silicone instead. A teething baby can chew on a teething ring to his or her heart's content, with no risk of injury. In addition, a teething ring can be turned into a smart and stylish toy, that stimulates the senses of touch and sight, helping to distract the baby from the pain. Approved quality is an important factor to take into account with teething rings, so that no harmful materials can be dislodged from the material. It is also important to ensure that, at some point, the tooth will eventually make its way through the gums, the pain will be a thing of the past, but the teething ring will still make a great toy – until it's time for the next tooth! And, once the milk teeth eventually fall out, they can be stored for eternity in milk tooth canisters featuring adorable designs.
We'd like to wish you good health and happiness!

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