Handicraft Instructions Key Chain With Name

Practical and Fashionable: a Self-Made Key Chain With Name

A key chain made of colourful wooden beads complements your single key or bunch of keys wonderfully. On the one hand it is just very decorative. On the other hand, you can use letter cubes to feature whatever word you want: Should it be the room's name for the matching key? Maybe you want to use the name of the key's owner? Or do you want to use a motif bead that describes figuratively without words what the key belongs to (for example a car motif bead)? It's your choice!

These handicraft instructions for making a key chain with name is perfect for beginners. In only about 15 minutes you are done with this small, personal DIY project. Would you like to make a similarly fast handicraft work? Then we recommend making a pacifier chain with name. Also discover our other handicraft instructions for home accessories and for everyday use. We hope you'll enjoy crafting your own ideas!

Interesting questions and answers about the key chain in advance

A key ring with key chain has various functions:

  • The key ring or carabiner clip of the key chain is used to keep one or more keys together in a practical way.
  • The key chain can be gripped when unlocking and locking the door (easier than the simple key ring) – as well as, for example, when retrieving the bunch of keys from a pocket.
  • The key chain can help with matching the key to the correct lock, for example, by containing the room name.
  • The key chain, if nicely designed, can be a fashionable everyday accessory.

When you make a key chain from wooden beads, you have many possibilities to personalise it:

  • That starts with the element that attaches the keys to the key chain: Do you prefer a carabiner, a round key ring or a heart-shaped or star-shaped key ring?
  • Wooden beads offer further possibilities for individualisation: choose round beads, lens beads and motif beads in your favourite colours and shapes.
  • Letter cubes and letter beads are particularly practical for personalising, because you can use them to represent the owners’ names or the room names, for example.
  • Even the cord used makes a small but subtle difference: the colour flashes out on the carabiner or key ring – so how about using a colour that matches the beads?

Video Instructions for Making a Key Chain With Name

The handicraft material you need for making a key chain with name:

craft materials for key chains

The small tools you need:


Handicraft Material for Key Chains:

Step 1: Experimenting With Beads

step-by-step instructions key chain: arranged craft materials

Now that your craft materials are in front of you, you can get creative. Arrange the beads for your key chain's bead strand(s).

The easiest way to do this is starting with the letter cubes and adding the wooden beads afterwards. At each bead strand's end we recommend using a safety bead, as the respective knot can disappear in it.

Tip: Long words can simply be divided in two and represented by two bead strands of pearls (for example as "CHILDREN'S" and "ROOM").

Step 2: Attaching the Keyring

step-by-step instructions key chain: attaching keyring for key chain

If you like your key chain design, it's time to attach they keyring: For the first bead strand, double a piece of PP-polyester cord. Pass the resulting loop through the keyring from behind and then pull it back over the keyring from the front. Doing this creates a knot.

Step 3: Preparing the Stringing

step-by-step instructions key chain: stringing aid

For the beads' easier stringing, we recommend using a little trick: Put the two cord ends together so that one of them protrudes about 2 centimetres. Now melt both ends slightly with a lighter. Use your fingers or tweezers to press the lower cord end slightly against the protruding one. This way you can string the wooden beads onto the double cord more easily thanks to the protruding end.

Step 4: Stringing the Wooden Beads

step-by-step instructions key chain: strung beads

Now let's string the first strand's beads: It is recommended not to string the security bead yet. Because there's a little trick to making it fit tighter. To do this, pull the two cord ends apart again and make a simple knot on the wooden bead that is in front of the safety bead.

Step 5: Finishing the Bead Strand

step-by-step instructions key chain: finished bead strand

With some force, pull the safety bead with its smaller opening first over the simple knot. Make a very tight double knot behind it.

Carefully cut off both cord ends. Weld the knot with the lighter and press it together with your fingers. Press the welded double knot into the safety bead's hole by using tweezers.

Step 6: Making the Second Bead Strand

step-by-step instructions key chain: finished key chain

If you have planned a second bead strand, simply repeat steps 2 to 5.

You're done! Enjoy your self-made, individual key chain's beautiful sight every day. Hopefully it will help you to always have the right key at hand in your daily hustle and bustle.




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Important Notes for Using Key Chains

Please observe the following notes regarding the use of your self-made key chain:

  • Only give the key chain to children who are old enough to use it.
  • Check the key chain regularly to ensure that it is undamaged.
  • Clean the key chain carefully with a cloth. Strong detergents or disinfectants are not suitable for cleaning.

Advantages of Using a Key Chain

We are probably all familiar with the following situation: there are numerous keys on the keyring – front door key, mailbox key, apartment key, office key... It can be quite difficult keeping them all apart. It gets even more annoying when we have to look and search extensively for the respective key in our bag or rucksack, because we can't find it immediately.

These handicraft instructions for making a hand-made key chain can help you out. On the one hand, you know at a glance which key belongs to which lock thanks to the bead strand's letter cubes or matching motif bead. On the other hand, your keys will stand out more because of the colouful wooden beads, making them easier to find. Moreover, the key chain makes it easier to reach and grap your keys in the depths of a bag.

Moreover, you can customise your key chain design to suit your personal taste, turning it into a fashionable accessory. So profit from all those advantages!

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