Delivery packaging for your dummy chains


Would you like to give a gift that comes straight from the heart, to your friends or family members who are expecting a baby? Then, delight them with a self-created and completely individual surprise, such as a pacifier chain, a pram chain or a gripping toy. But, what do you do when the expectant parents live in another town? A long journey, and a busy calendar make it sometimes hard to find a mutual, spare moment for both parties. However, when it's important for you to surprise the young family with a small gift, we offer a postal service. For this purpose, you can obtain not only the craft materials, but also the packaging in our online store. Order everything at once at

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Envelopes with bubblewrap for a secure delivery

To protect your baby gift from damage during transport, we offer you packaging envelopes, in the C3 format (170 mm x 225 mm) with an inner bubblewrap lining. You can comfortably fit one or two pacifier chains in the envelope. Naturally, you can also include a postcard or a small letter, with your personal congratulations. The envelopes are white and shiny, and you might like the possibilty of maybe decorating the envelope, with a small drawing or a sticker next to the address, for example. With this addition, it may be a small pleasure for the gift receiver to take it from the letter-box. The envelopes are rain and water resistant, thanks to their polyethylene coating, The envelopes have a self-sticking seal, although we also have metal paper fasteners, as another closure option. craft materials for your baby gift

Obviously, before you can send your pacifier chain, you have to create it. You can find everything that your heart desires in Schnullerkettenladen. Our selection ranges from cord to wooden beads in different sizes and shapes. For gripping toys, you can order half rings or gripping rings in our online store. To simply personalise your surprise, we offer alphabet cubes to spell the name of the child, or many different motif beads. Search in peace for what catches your eye, and create a completely original gift for the offspring. Should you need a little direction, we have a range of craft instructions available on We wish you much pleasure in both creating, and sending your accessories for the baby!

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