Milk tooth canister – memories of a beautiful time

Milk tooth canister – memories of a beautiful time

The milk teeth are with your child from the first year until around the fourteenth year of life, when through daily use, the primary teeth are replaced by adult teeth. In the years from six through to nine, the most chldren lose their first tooth. Everyone remembers their first wobbly tooth. At first it wobbles just a little bit, then more and more, until it finally falls out. Every child is proud of the story behind every loss of a tooth, and especially of the fact that they are entering into a new chapter of their life. Treasure their little trophy and memories in a milk tooth canister. When your child or grandchild holds the little milk tooth can in their hand, a smile will appear on their face as they remember a time full of beautiful memories: from learning to walk and speak, even their first friendships in the playgroup, through to the start of school and their new adventures with their schoolfriends.

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A milk tooth canister for every nationality

We stock a large selection of cute, wooden milk tooth canisters. All of our canisters have a screw top, and the script reading "Milk Teeth" in one of three colours – black, blue or violet. The German language tooth canisters also come in either flowers, stars or hearts design. When the milk tooth canister is not a surprise from the Tooth Fairy, then your child can have the pleasure of choosing their favourite design.

But international customers will also find what they are looking for. Our tooth canisters are not only available in German, but also in six other languages:

Is your language or favourite motif not included in our store? You can, of course order a milk tooth canister with your personal wishes and design. For this special order, the minimum order amount is 18 canisters, and your motif should be emailed to us as a exact square picture.

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