Meaningful birth gifts: special birth gift ideas

Gifts for newborn babies

A birth is always a special occasion - not only for the new parents. The family and close friends also are excited about the arrival of the new little newborn baby. Of course when the day finally arrives one doesn't want to offer congratulations to the baby and its parents without having the right gift for this very special occasion. The decision for the perfect present is however not an easy decision. It should be something personal and original but equally practical and useful. The best possible option is to ask the young parents what they would like to have. Should it though be a surprise your imagination will be required. Below we have put together a number of helpful tips and ideas for baby presents that should help you find a suitable gift.

Presents for newborn babies - Tips for a successful gift

A popular option for a birth present is contributing to the layette. Here it is helpful to know what actually they already have or coordinate with other friends and relatives. Also a very nice idea is creative commemorative gifts that depict the wonderful time during the first years in the child's life. First toys can also prove to be a popular choice. Ideally you will pick a useful learning toy that doesn't make much noise. Cuddly toys are less appealing items. They tend to exist in abundance and are frequently not really appreciated. Musical boxes are another common gift and don't really show much thought being put into the present. How about instead opting for a great gift voucher? A creative present which can be used immediately is a personalized dummy chain that you can design individually.

Product Recommendation

The dummy chain

Dummy chain

Chains for dummies are useful little helpers that are attached with a small clip to a romper or other clothes item ensuring it doesn't fall to the floor when it is not needed. This also helps prevent the dummy from being lost and won't come into contact with dirty floors with potential germs.

As a positive side effect the loyal companion is also a colourful toy that is sure to grab the baby's attention and played with. In our online shop you can find everything that you need to design your individual dummy chain. With ease you will be able to create a wonderful welcoming present.

Dummy chain ideas available here.

Personally made gifts

Individual dummy chain

With our wide selection of small wood beads, soft crochet beads, motive beads, letter dices to create names, small bells which attract attention, cords, silicone rings and figures you can easily create sweet and very personal dummy chains, grasping toys, pushchair chains, pushchair mobiles and much more. Thanks to our craft instructions even novices can create lovely gifts within a few minutes. And so you can make such presents without having to worry we also guarantee that our products meets the highest standards. All parts are free of toxic and a sweat as well as saliva resistant. So they can be put in the mouth without any fear.

Make you own dummy chains - instructions available here.

First initial stock

First initial stock

The parents usually take care of the basics during the pregnancy period. Essential items such as the cot, changing table, pushchair, baby seat, cushion etc. should already be in place before the due date and are often a question of personal preference.

Sweet little rompers, body suits, socks, hats and further clothing are however - particularly for the first child - an ideal present. Less original but an equally useful gift are nappies. Cleverly arranged as a diaper cake they are sure to be a pleasing visual highlight. If you are looking to make a more substantial contribution then you are probably best advised to ask the parents what they might need. You can gift a bath tub, bath bucket, a personalized bottle set, a play rug or other things and will know the present is actually needed and will be used.

Presents for birth - lovely and creative

If you are looking to give your gift a particular individual character then creativity will be needed. But don't be put off, as even if you are not the biggest crafts person it is quite simple to find a wonderful and very personal present. You can for example buy a photo album that you add a dedication or you creatively design the cover. The parents will be very much appreciative of a wellness voucher and you can volunteer for babysitting at the same time. A great gift idea to create by yourself is also the baby's first toy. With little motive beads, small bells, alphabet cubes, textile stars and other cute accessories you can make with little effort individual pushchair mobiles, chains for pushchairs and teats as well as grasping toys with all material available in our online shop. You are sure to bring a sparkle to the baby's eyes.

Lovely & creative gifts

Commemorative presents

A baby is a little bundle of wonder. Every day it learns a little more about the world, grows and is constantly learning. It is a great joy to observe this development. Gifts that are able to capture these special moments are therefore a great idea.
  • Photo album for baby photos
  • Impression kit for baby feet
  • Milk tooth container
  • Gift voucher for professional photo-shooting


Not only does the newborn baby need a lot of care and tender moments. The parents will also very much appreciate some hours of peace and wellness. They will be grateful if you would take care of the offspring in this time span.
  • Massage gift voucher
  • Voucher for thermal baths
  • Cosmetic gift voucher
  • Wellness weekend for mother and child


Before the babies are able to purposefully grasp toys the initial focus is on fixating colourful, contrast-rich colours. Pushchair mobiles and individually designed chains for dummies are perfect for the start. Particularly the colourful chains will catch the baby's attention if they for example with a small bell – also make a noise.

Gifts for birth - practical and useful

Useful gifts are always appropriate. It will not only be a present the new parents of the newborn will highly appreciate but it will also support them in their new role. Gift vouchers are always a good option. Away from traditional vouchers there is of course the option of also being creative. Why not give a voucher for a full cleaning of the apartment that you do together with friends? Books, little helping assistances or gifts revolving around breast-feeding are good present ideas. A real evergreen amongst gifts are toys. Here though it is worth applying caution. A loud toy or one of several cuddly toys you might irritate the parents. Here also think practically.

Practical & useful gifts


Gift vouchers are always highly appreciated presents. Next to classic shopping vouchers there a number of other options such as a baby sling voucher or a voucher for cleaning the entire apartment for stressed parents which provide for a personal touch.
  • Gift voucher for a drugstore
  • Gift voucher for a baby specialist shop
  • Gift voucher for a baby sling
  • Voucher for house or apartment cleaning


Book gifts can either be made for the parents are a guidebook or in form as a cuddly cloth and feel book for offspring. Play and toy books are also a useful idea that is sure to go down well.
  • Babies for the first year
  • Breast-feeding book
  • Cloth book, feel book
  • Play book, learning book


Little helpers are popular and useful attentions that don't have to be expensive. Regardless whether skincare products or helpful accessories - here you will be able to find something appropriate in your chemist or drugstore around the corner.
  • Wool
  • Baby massage oil
  • Rash cream
  • Bath thermometer

Cuddly gifts

Both parents are babies will equally appreciate cuddly gifts. How about for example a warming hooded bath towel, a universally usable cuddly blanket or grape seed or cherry seed heat cushion in form of a cute soft toy?
  • Hooded bath towel
  • Cuddly blanket
  • Warming toy
  • Smooch cloth

Breast feeding

Before contemplating a little present related to breast-feeding you should consider if the baby is actually being breast fed. If yes, then there are a number of nice ideas that will bring you to the mother.
  • Breast-feeding tea
  • Breast-feeding scarf
  • Breast-feeding shirt
  • Own made breast-feeding biscuits

Useful Toys

When purchasing toys always give regard to the parents. Annoying noisemakers will in the long-term offer more irritation than pleasure. Else, learning toys - preferably made of wood - are highly popular.
  • Mobile (handmade)
  • Play centre/trapeze
  • Grasping toy
  • Motoric toy