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Infants inherently have a suction reflex. From sucking the mother’s nipple the baby gets food intake. Beyond that the aspect of sucking provides other benefits such as it produces hormones that don’t only have a calming effect but also promote the child’s indigestion. For this reason the dummy or soother has been able to establish itself for many generations.

In Schnullerkettenladen we offer for your baby’s dummy a wide range of accessories. In our silicone product category amongst other things you can find different dummy fasteners that can be used to attach a baby dummy. In our silicone product category amongst other things you can find different dummy fasteners, that can be used to attach to a baby dummy without a retaining ring to a dummy chain. For this we offer also silicone rings in nine different colours with transparent look or also coloured mini silicone rings for attaching baby dummies from brands such as MAM and NUK to dummy chains. The silicone rings make it easy to exchange dirty dummies with clean ones.

The rings are BPA free and meet the legal requirements in accordance with LFBG. So you can use our silicone products without hesitation for your babies.

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More than only a fastener for dummies: Buy silicone products for your baby online

Silicone is an industrial manufactured product and is frequently used in medicine technology. But it is also perfectly suited for dummies and teething rings as it is odourless and tasteless. In addition to this it is to a high degree temperature resistant making it easy to put in hot water for disinfection purposes. Therefore in Schnullerkettenladen next to fasteners for dummies you can also get different teething proponents made of silicone. There is a choice of different motives for example:

In our online shop you are able to find much more than retaining rings for dummies and teething proponents. We offer for example silicone beads in different colours made of silicone for manufacturing individual baby toys such as grasping toys or mobiles for pushchairs. Discover also form beads like small hearts, stars and lucky devils. From this extensive form and colour choice for silicone beads simply pick something for your handicraft project and put the desired number into the virtual shopping cart. Make your own accessories for dummies

A dummy chain or a grasping toy are great small presents for offspring that with a bit of talent and creativity you can design yourself. In Schnullerkettenladen you will be able to find the right handicraft accessories for your baby present. Next to our silicone products such as retaining rings for dummies we also have everything you need to make your own dummy chain including cord, wonderful colourful wood beads and motif beads as well as dummy chain clips. If you want to give your surprise a greater personal touch then you can do that by incorporating alphabet cubes. This creates a sophisticated toy and accessory that ensures the dummy won’t fall into dirt.

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