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For many generations grasping toys have been popular baby toys. No real surprise as they combine learning effects with fun and games. When you give away a grasping toy it is also a present for further development as it will help train the motoric abilities of a baby. At the same time this little gift looks great and can be made with little effort. If you want to make your own grasping toy you will find with Schnullerkettenladen the exactly right craft material – from cord to half rings all the way to a large selection of different rings that you can pick for your grasping toy. Take a browse through our range and order everything you need to make your individual present from the comfort of your home.

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Make your own grasping toys for a great surprise

Are you looking to give the offspring a very special present? Then a grasping toy with name is an individual and nice idea. For make the toy which is also a rattle you will find in our online shop a number of different rings maple wood. The grasping toys are available in up to 30 colours from friendly yellow to tender rose all the way to refreshing blue and lush green. Beyond this you can choose from four sizes:

The grasping toys can be combined in accordance with your wishes creating a unique motoric toy. Of course we offer you our handicraft instructions for making a grasping toy with name, especially if you are a novice when it comes to making baby toys. You bring the creativity and we offer the step-by-step guide so that your first attempt is a great success.

Rings for grasping toys, pushchair mobiles and co.

Along with a grasping toy you can use the coloured rings also for making key rings, a rattle or a pushchair mobile. The grasping toys have all been made in Germany and comply with the legal requirements laid out in DIN-EN 71-3. This is why you don’t have to worry when choosing them for baby toys. The colour lacquers are all sweat and saliva resistant as well as colourfast and non-toxic which is why they can be used as a teething ring for babies.

For larger orders staggered discounts are available which can be found at the end of the respective product description. This makes our product an attractive option for commercial use if for example you own a shop selling baby toys and want to make your own grasping toys.

In addition to the grasping toys you can also find craft accessories in our online shop for dummy chains from cord to wood, form or motive beads as well as alphabet cubes all the ways to dummy chain clips. We look forward to your order!

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