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organza bags

At Schnullerkettenladen, you can select beautiful pacifier chains, and purchase the craft materials to create colourful pram mobiles or gripping toys. What do all these gifts have in common? They are deeply personal because they are self created. The love and effort that you have invested in the creation of the pacifier chain, gripping toy or key chain should also reflect in the gift packaging. Our answer is the small and elegant organza bags, available in our online store, to present your baby gift with style. Take your time to find your favourite organza bags from our selection, and make your creations shine.

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Colourful organza bags bring variety to the gift table

Organza was traditionally made from silk. Today the small bags are mainly made from synthetic materials, like nylon or polyester, and woven together.The result is a very fine fabric, similar to tulle. The finished product is not only ideal for evening wear and festive costumes, but produce a very elegant and special organza gift bag. You can purchase the organza bags at Schnullerkettenladen for your hand-made creations – be it a dummy chain, a grasping ring or a key chain – radiant organza bags in various colours. Look online for your favourites: Would you like an organza bag in pale green, or rather in a soft pink or baby blue? Self-created jewelry looks especially prestigious in a black organza bag. Place your wished colours and amounts together, and bring happiness.

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Our organza bags, measuring 15 cm x 10 cm, are an extremely attractive gift package, and not only in the private area. Perhaps you have your own store with children's toys or clothing? Your customers would be delighted to have their purchases from dummy chains to pram chains stylishly presented in the pretty organza bags. Larger quantities are naturally neccessary in commercial areas, so you have the possiblity to order organza bags from us in packs of 100, and then to place them in your online basket. We offer payment options of amongst others, Visa, PayPal or bank transfer. We look forward to your order!

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