Crochet beads – crochet accessories for dummy chains and grasping toys

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Welcoming a baby into the world it is one of the nicest moments in life. But what is the best present for such a happy occasion? In order to express your joy for the offspring, in Schnullerkettenladen you can order craft materials from cord to beads for dummy chains and grasping toys. Create your own wonderful and practical accessories which are sure to bring a sparkle in your eyes. If you are looking for very special beads for your dummy chain then you might want to take a closer look at our crochet beads. These don't only look appealing but also thanks to the soft and structured surface give the baby a unique touching experience. As the crochet beads are fabric-based and stuffed with cotton compared with metal beads they never feel cold which makes it a pleasant experience. Our crochet accessories comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and DIN EN 71-3 which makes them suitable for both babies and young children.

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Coloured crochet beads for lovely baby presents

Get active and make a present that is not only beautiful but also practical: Thanks to the dummy chain the dummy won't land in the dirt. The grasping toys train the motoric skills of babies. For both crochet beads are ideal for production as they give your baby present a unique visual appearance. A further advantage is that your chain can be put together without much practice as the beads with a diameter of 18 mm can be threaded on to the cord through a 1.5 mm large hole. This gives lovely results. For further customization of your present we have our crochet beads in 20 different colours. Therefore it is up to you whether you want to use a crochet bead in white, yellow, blue or pint. Have a browse and be impressed by the selection. Order crochet beads and more online

In Schnullerkettenladen we don't only have crochet beads. With us you are able to purchase all craft material for your surprise. We have next to different cords also half rings, coloured wood beads and form beads, small bells as well as alphabet cubes, if you want to incorporate the child's name. With these you are able to set further personal touches and customize bracelets or jewellery. Furthermore, in our organza bags you can find stylish gift packaging for your presents. As payment options we offer you direct transfer, credit card or PayPal. Order now and we will send you the craft material directly to the provided address.

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