Handicraft Instructions Decorative Bead Star

Decorative Symbol of Protection: a Hand-Made Decorative Bead Star

Stars have been fascinating us for thousands of years. The star is regarded as a symbol of protection and as a guide leading through the night. No wonder that we like using it as a 5- or 6-pointed geometric shape for decoration. And now these handicraft instructions come into play: Use it to make your very own, personal decorative wooden bead star!

We have used wooden beads with a 15 mm diameter for making the decorative bead star. The finished star has a diameter (from one of the star tip to the opposite one) of approx. 11 cm. The wooden beads should not be smaller, because the cord passes through them several times. It is also advisable to use a cord that matches the wooden beads' colours, as it is visible between them.

Crafting a decorative wooden bead star is easy when using these instructions. However, it requires patience and dexterity . Allow about 30 minutes for the first time.

These craft instructions are also a great opportunity to do handicrafts with children: How about making several stars as Christmas tree decorations? Put on some cheerful Christmas carols, make yourself some tea or children's punch and look forward to a cosy handicraft afternoon with the children. Do you want to try out more DIY projects? Then discover our other instructions for children's accessories or home decoration. Schnullerkettenladen provides you with the required craft materials. We wish you lots of fun making your own accessories!

Video Instructions for Making a Decorative Wooden Bead Star

Interesting questions and answers about the decorative wooden bead star in advance

A star made of wooden beads is beautiful to look at and you can use it in many ways as a decorative element – for example as a Christmas tree pendant, as a gift tag, as a key ring, as a door wreath or as a coaster.

Of course, you can also make a star out of silicone beads. If you want to use them because of their matt surface, you can also use wooden beads with a nacre-like shimmer instead of the classic lacquered wooden beads.

The handicraft material you need for making a decorative bead star:

craft materials decorative bead star

The small tools you need:


Handicraft Material for Decorative Bead Stars:

Step 1: Experimenting With Beads

step-by-step instructions decorative wooden bead star: arranged beads

Crafting a geometric shape like a 5-pointed star with wooden beads isn't super easy. To get a first feeling for the shape, we recommend first arranging the 25 wooden beads in the desired form.

Especially if you're using different colours, as in our example, you should not omit this step.

The easiest way to do this is placing the inner ring that consists of 10 beads first. Then add 3 beads for each of the 5 points.

Step 2: Stringing the Wooden Beads

step-by-step instructions decorative wooden bead star: strung beads

Have you decided upon your decorative bead star's design? Wonderful! First, lightly melt the cord ends with a lighter and press them flat. This makes stringing the wooden beads easier.

Now string the inner ring's 10 beads and slide them so that only a few centimetres of cord are left.

Step 3: Making the Inner Ring and the First Basis for a Star Tip

step-by-step instructions decorative wooden bead star: ring and bases for the star tips

Close the ring by making a tight double knot with the shorter cord end. String 2 beads onto the long cord end. They will be the basis for one of the star tips.

Afterwards, pass the longer cord end through the bead that is positioned laterally below (diagonally) the two beads that have just been strung on.

Step 4: Making the Bases for the Remaining Star Tips

step-by-step instructions decorative wooden bead star: bases for the star tips

Now proceed as described in step 3 (string 2 beads at a time and pass the cord through the bead that is positioned laterally below them) all around the inner ring until you reach the starting point. Tighten the cord properly after each time.

Step 5: Making the First Star Tip

step-by-step instructions decorative wooden bead star: making the star's first tip

Now pass the long cord end through one bead of the starting point's basis. Then string another bead onto the cord. This bead is the first star tip.

Pass the cord through the other basis's bead, through the inner ring's bead that is positioned laterally below the basis's two beads and also pass it back up through next basis's first bead.

Step 6: Making the Remaining Star Tips

step-by-step instructions decorative wooden bead star: making the remaining star tips

Add the remaining star tips as described in step 5. Tighten the cord properly after each step. After reaching the starting point, make a single knot on the previous double knot with the short cord end from the beginning. Shorten the ends of the cord and weld the knot with the lighter.

Step 7: Adding the Piece of Cord for Hanging Up the Star

step-by-step instructions decorative wooden bead star: cord

Now let's add another piece of cord for making a loop with which you'll be able to hang up the star. To do this, first melt the cord ends with a lighter so that stringing is easier.

Pass this piece of cord through one the beads that represents a star tip.

Step 8: Making the Loop

step-by-step instructions decorative wooden bead star: loop

Now use the cord to make a simple knot that is a few centimetres above the star tip bead. Thus, you've created a loop.

If the visible knot does not bother you, you are now finished. If you want to hide it, continue with steps 9 and 10.

Step 9: Adding the First Safety Bead

step-by-step instructions decorative wooden bead star: safety bead

Now string a safety bead with its larger opening first. Slide it over the loop's knot. Then use both cord ends to make a simple knot on the safety bead.

Step 10: Finishing the Decorative Wooden Bead Star

step-by-step instructions decorative wooden bead star: finished

String a second safety bead, this time with the smaller opening first. Push the bead with some force over the simple knot. The easiest way to do this is to pull one end of the string on each side.

Make a double knot and carefully shorten the cord ends with scissors. Fuse the double knot with the flame of a lighter. If necessary, use tweezers to push the knot into the safety bead's larger opening until it is no longer visible.

That's it, great job! Why don't you lift up your hand-made star by the loop and have a look at it. Just hammer a small nail into the wall or add adhesive tape to the door and your individual wooden bead star will soon become part of your personal living environment.




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Important Notes for Using Wooden Bead Stars

Please observe the following notes regarding the use of your self-made wooden bead star:

  • Please keep the star out of reach of children who are too young for using it.
  • Check the star regularly to ensure that it is undamaged.
  • Clean the star carefully with a cloth. Strong detergents or disinfectants are not suitable for cleaning.

Advantages of Using a Decorative Bead Star

The five-pointed star is an ambiguous and popular symbol. That's why your DIY star-shaped decoration piece made of wooden beads, made using these instructions, is a wonderfully versatile home accessory: Use it, for example, as a classic Christmas decoration piece or for celebrating other festivities. In bright colours it looks great on a children's room door. Or how about using the star in pastel colours as a door wreath alternative on the flat door? The choice is entirely up to you!

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