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Are trader discounts available?

We don't offer any special conditions for traders. In our shop we offer staggered discounts for larger orders. These can be found at the end of the respective product description. In addition to this we offer free delivery from a certain goods value and depending on the target country. Click here to see the listing of delivery costs.

Can you make motive pearls with own motives?

Yes, this is possible. We can make motive pearls for you with your own motive design. Click here for further information.

Can orders be sent together?

Have you forgotten something and would you like to combine it with your previous order so that no additional delivery charges are due? It is possible however we would please ask you to get in touch with us via the form or call our customer service to discuss how to proceed. Concluded order where the delivery costs are listed can no longer be changed.

Can the licence products be used commercially?

Yes, you are able to use our licence products (Sand Man) without any problems commercially. Schnullerkettenladen has concluded licence agreements with licence holders and pays a respective licence fee. This is factored in to our sales price. You can sell our products without having any worries.

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