Motif beads in different languages

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Our motif beads are perfectly suited for dummy chains, pushchair chains, grasping toys and pushchair mobiles. With the help of coloured wood beads with diverse motives you cannot only make them more attractive but also create unique as well as individual creations. Let your fantasy run wild and pick motif beads in Schnullerkettenladen that turn the dummy chain into a real eye-catcher. Here you have the choice from up to 30 colours, different figure beads (e.g. stars, hearts, flowers, foxes) and countless motives. Would you like to design a dummy chain with anchors, stars and bears? All of this is possible!

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Motif beads in different languages

Another customisation option is provided by our motif beads in different languages. With Schnullerkettenladen you find beads with the inscription "Little Prince" and "Little Princess" as well as "Little Brother" and "Little Sister" in Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. This is an international way of expressing your joy for offspring.

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But also very personal wishes can be realized in our online shop. Should you not be able to find your favoured motive or sayings with your motif beads then if you order more than 90 there is the option of printing your individual request. Get further information on the option of customised motif beads in our online shop.

Regardless whether shaped beads, motif beads with pictures or sayings or customised motif beads. All our wood beads are made in Germany with natural wood and meet the requirements of DIN-EN 71-3. For our products such as motif beads, wooden beads and dummy chains clips, this ensures that our products are suitable for babies.

For larger orders we offer a staggered discount for numerous motif beads and these are generally listed at the end of the respective product description.

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