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motif beads

motiv beads

Our wide range at Schnullerkettenladen includes motiv beads in up to 30 different colours, suitable for pacifier chains, grabbing toys and pram chains. Many of our beads are exclusive to purchase through our store. In addition to the simple bead shapes (eg. star, heart, flower) we have fancier motiv beads in vehicle and animal shapes. Our wide range includes beads with a 20mm diameter, in different colours and with motiv designs. Schnullerkettenladen also proudly and exclusively stock licensed products, including ‘Benjamin Blümchen’, the ‘Sandmännchen und seinen Freunden’, and ‘Hello Kitty’. Many of these characters are also available as motiv clips .

All our motiv beads are manufactured in Germany, and comply with the regulations DIN-EN 71-3.We use toxic-free, colour-fest, sweat and saliva resistant paint, making our products completely safe for babies and children.

We offer a discount price for larger orders, which you can see at the end of each product description.

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