Textile stars for lovely dummy chains

textile stars

A special individual present for the grandchild or friend's baby is an self-created dummy chain. Thanks to this item the dummy will no longer fall on the floor and with the unique design is sure to bring a smile to parent's faces. Lovely accessories for this are the textile stars. Thanks to the fabric used the stars never are cold and feel particularly soft and pleasant. This way you embellish your dummy chain by an element which the baby surely will play with. Take a browse at schnullerkettenladen.de and select a fabric star which will be an aesthetic addition to your craft project. All stars are made out of cotton (100 % popelin) and have a width between 7 and 8 cm. As they comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and DIN EN 71-3 they can be used without any qualms for baby dummy chains and toys.

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Coloured textile stars and hearts for individual designs

Along with our textile range you can find more than 50 products which will not only include stars but also hearts made out of textile. Both are available in two patterns: either with dots in different sizes or chequered. Beyond this we offer textile stars in various motives that help customize your dummy chain or pushchair chain. The motives we offer include amongst other things:

  • Cars and locomotives
  • Ships and anchors
  • Cute animal motives (e.g. bears, foxes, lions)
  • Football

There is also a wide choice of colours including light and dark blue, rose, green, turquoise, grey and brown providing you with fabric stars that will harmoniously complement the design of your baby present. Browse through our comprehensive range and be inspired.

Schnullerkettenladen.de: fabric stars and beads for your baby present

Next to our textile stars and hearts you are able to find many other things with Schnullerkettenladen that you might need for handicraft work. We have coloured wood beads in different sizes like form beads and silicone beads. Furthermore you can buy grasping elements or half rings for making a grasping toy. A particularly thoughtful idea is incorporating the name into the present what can be achieved easily with alphabet cubes. Enjoy the high degree of creativity you have allowing you to create dummy chains, grasping toys, pushchair chains or pushchair mobiles as you desire. We support your efforts with handicraft instructions and hope you have fun making the gifts.

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