Plain soother clips and dummy clips with motifs

pacifier clips

A pacifier clip is used to attach the pacifier chain to the child's clothing in order to prevent it from falling down on the floor. In our online shop you will find a large selection of dummy clips. Wooden clips are, just like motif beads or wooden beads, craft materials for making dummy chains, pram chains or pram mobiles. You can choose from an extensive range of plain dummy clips and motif clips. Regarding our plain soother clips, you have a choice of over 30 different colours, such as a sunny yellow, delicate green or shiny gold. You can also decide for yourself whether you prefer a circular or heart-shaped clip.

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Pacifier clips with proverbs and in different languages

Regardless whether plain or with motif – one thing is clear: A practical pacifier clip gives your pacifier chain a special touch. It works very well as a present for friends and family. In case you operate a business with baby products, the clips are without doubt an accessory that will raise further awareness with your customers. There is even the option of customising the clips even more to meet the demands of your customer base by including proverbs. For this, we offer pacifier clips with inscriptions such as "Little Princess", "Grandpa's Darling" or "Little Brother". Along with German the clips can also be ordered in over five other languages, for instance:

Of course you have the option of selecting your desired colour. This is sure to make your pacifier chain something special.

Interesting facts about pacifier clips

Our pacifier clips are made out of natural maple wood. All are made in Germany and meet the legal standards DIN EN 71-3. The lacquers used for the colouring of the wood are sweat as well as saliva resistant and are of course non-toxic. They are harmless for babies and children. The metal buckle is nickel-free and non-corrosive. All clips have ventilation holes that prevent suffocation caused by swallowing. The wood part has a diameter of 35 mm and the inside part of the metal piece has a width of 15 mm.

For larger bulk orders you are granted a staggered discount in Schnullerkettenladen which are listed at the end of the respective product description.

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