Handicraft Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions From Schnullerkettenladen

We have created detailed step-by-step instructions for you to make fulfilling your dreams of your very own personalised baby accessories, children's accessories or home accessories even easier. We wish you a lot of fun and creative design ideas! On another note, we would be very pleased to receive photos of your work.

Interesting questions and answers about making baby accessories in advance

Craft materials made of wood are particularly suitable for making baby toys. This raw material is not only timelessly beautiful, renewable and natural – it is also antibacterial and robust. It is important to know that the paints used must be non-toxic, sweat and saliva resistant as well as free of harmful substances.

PP polyester cord is wonderfully suitable for making baby accessories. It is tear-resistant, colourfast and saliva-proof. The cord can also be easily melted with a lighter, which is important for securely welding knots.

The safety bead is not for the safety of your crafted baby toy. It has a special threading hole that has a larger opening on one side. This allows you to hide a knot – for example a dummy chain’s loop.

A dummy clip’s holes are ventilation holes. These are for your child's safety in case they accidentally swallow the clip.
Important: When using the dummy chain, attach the clip to the child's clothing and only use your dummy chain under your child's supervision.

Instructions for Crafting Baby Accessories

Create adorable baby accessories with our colourful wooden beads. With these illustrated tutorials you can create different baby accessories – from the classic pacifier chain to the elaborate buggy chain. These crafting projects do not only look super cute, but can make parents' everyday life easier.

Instructions for Crafting Children's Accessories

We also have fantastic craft tutorials for kids of school age. There is a lot of useful and fun stuff for you to discover: from a rather simple name chain for a milk tooth canister to a more complex calculator chain with ABC chain and name. Be inspired by the different possibilities and create colourful accessories that accompany the children in their everyday life.

Instructions for Crafting Everyday & Home Decoration Accessories

Would you like to decorate your home with chic home accessories and have practical items for your everyday life? Then how about making them yourself? Our handicraft instructions tell you how to create beautiful and practical accessories from wooden beads, silicone beads and crochet beads – from rather simple key chains to elaborate rainbow garlands!

Free Craft Tutorials With Wooden Beads

Our rainbow-coloured handicraft assortment invites you to create your own individual pacifier chains. But our high-quality as well as versatile craft materials will inspire you to create other fabulous handicraft projects. We have a few practical as well as beautiful ideas for you:

Gift ideas for Babies

  • The pacifier chain with name is a classic among birth gifts – because with a little practice it is quickly made, practical, personalised and holds the pacifier near the baby.
  • The pram mobile with name is a practical companion on every pram tour. It invites the child to grasp, rattle, ring and feel. Create your own individual design.
  • The buggy chain with name is the right project for real crafting fans. The pram chain stretches across the lying baby. Two dangling strands make it baby's favourite in everyday life.
  • The grasping ring with name is also a popular birth gift. Due to various elements such as motif beads, crochet beads and rings it can quickly become baby's new fine-motor skills trainer.
  • The baby mobile easily catches the little ones' attention when swinging with bead strands and textile stars right above the cot or changing table.
  • The mini grasping ring without name is a nice, pretty easy idea for doing handicrafts. Quickly made, it stimulates baby's thanks to a wooden ring, a little bell and a motif bead. Just give it a try.
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Gift Ideas for Children

  • The ABC chain with calculator chain and name is a great gift idea for enrolment. It helps schoolchildren learning the alphabet from A to Z as well as getting to know the numbers up to 20. How about using the school beginner's favourite colours?
  • The SOS emergency chain consists of two bead strands showing your telephone number as well as the child's name that are attached to a key chain. Due to that it can help attentive third parties to make contact if the child is lost.
  • The milk tooth canister name chain decorates the kid's wooden milk tooth container – not just the tooth fairy is amazed when seeing it! This way, you can also embellish a container for the baby's first hair. Both of them are lovely gift ideas for proud parents.
  • The children's bracelet with name made of glittering acrylic glass beads makes children's eyes light up. Thanks to alphabet beads you can easily integrate the kid's name.
  • The bead animal charm looks cute and accompanies your child as a pretty pendant on all its ways.
  • The annual bead string, also called year chain is made of colourful wooden beads. It is a wonderful tool for kids to learn about the annual cycle in a playful way.

Gift Ideas for Everyday Use

  • The wooden bead coaster made of untreated maple wood, is not only pretty to look it but protects your surfaces, such as shelves.
  • The key chain with name or word can show the owner's name or the matching room's designation. Or how about recycling a disused pacifier chain?
  • The picture frame decorated with wooden beads is a stylish way to present your favourite motifs.
  • The bead wall holder can be opened do to a removable round rod. This way you can hang kitchen rolls and the like on your wall – and it'll look nice!
  • The decorative bead star is a beautiful way to decorate a room beautifully in everyday life or for festive occasions.
  • The wooden bead garland is a real eye-catcher for all those who like to decorate their walls elaborately.