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Colourful Fun on the Go: a Self-Made Buggy Chain

Children's joy on the road: Do you want to upgrade your pram? Then making your own individual pram chain is a great idea. Why? Because the child can use it to playfully train its senses at any time. On top of that, your baby is busy, so that you as parents have a real added value: The child is entertained – and can be calmed more easily in stressful situations.

Our handicraft instructions for pram chains help you in an easily understandable way how to create your own personal stroller chain. Our online shop Schnullerkettenladen provides you with the necessary range of handicraft materials suitable for babies: Choose your personal favourites from numerous different colours and shapes, different motifs as well as letterings.

The buggy chain is a little more challenging to make than, for example, a pacifier chain with name. It takes about 30-60 minutes to make a pram chain. We hope you enjoy being creative and we are looking forward to receiving photos of your work as well as your feedback!

Interesting questions and answers about the pram chain in advance

A pram chain is a chain that you attach to the left and right of a pram’s hood. It is not only a pretty accessory, but also a practical activity for the baby lying in the pram.
The pram chain trains the baby's senses with its different elements, shapes and colours. This allows you to cheer up your child in a playful way even in boring moments.

Even newborns benefit from a leisurely pram ride. This ride is all the more enjoyable with a useful baby accessory such as a pram chain. Newborns perceive contrasting colours particularly well.
The pram chain also promotes your child’s senses: Babies usually acquire the ability to see spatially from the 6th week of life. From around the 4th month, the child finally begins to reach for the pram chain’s elements.

Soother clips are practical clip fasteners for a pram chain. They can be flexibly attached to the pram’s hood. This makes it easy to take your pram chain with you wherever you go.

A pram chain is a pretty as well as practical possibility for your baby’s activity thanks to its various playful elements, shapes and colours. It swings back and forth on the pram hood during your walks – and thus attracts attention.
At the same time, the pram chain trains the little ones’ early gross motor skills and visual perception.

Video Instructions for Making a Buggy Chain

The handicraft material you need for making a buggy chain:

handicraft material buggy chain, stroller chain, pram chain

The small tools you need:

instructions buggy chain, stroller chain, pram chain:  scissorsscissors
instructions buggy chain, stroller chain, pram chain: lighterlighter
instructions buggy chain, stroller chain, pram chain: rulerruler

Handicraft Material for Buggy Chains:

Step 1: Experimenting With Beads and Rings

Your preferred handicraft material is right in front of you? Great! Let's start: Arrange the beads for your stroller chain. Try out different variations until you're happy with your pram chain's design. If you have trouble arranging so many wooden beads, you can make a sketch as well. After all, it is awkward to make changes during or after the handicraft work. Please note that during and after making the buggy chain, changes are hardly possible.

An important note before crafting: Please work carefully and properly. Check each knot several times. A loose knot bears the danger of small parts being swallowed!

Please also note that it is important to know the buggy hood's width on which you want to attach your self-made buggy chain. Your pram chain should be slightly longer than the hood so that it will hang nicely.

Step 2: Attaching the Pacifier Clip

instructions buggy chain, stroller chain, pram chain: pacifier clip and knot

Double the PP-polyester cord so that it's slightly longer than your planned buggy chain. From below, pass the cord loop through the clip's eyelet. Then string the pacifier clip through the loop and tighten the resulting knot.

For easier stringing we're using a little trick: Put the two cord ends together so that one of them protrudes about 2 centimetres. Now melt both ends slightly with a lighter. Use your fingers to press the lower cord end slightly against the protruding one. This way you can string the wooden beads onto the double cord more easily thanks to the protruding end.

Step 3: Stringing the First Beads as well as the First Ring

instructions buggy chain, stroller chain, pram chain: strung wooden beads

According to your personal taste, string all round beads as well as lenses that you want to be before the first motif bead. Now you should also add the first small wooden ring by pulling it over the bead string, because it does not fit over most motif beads.

Step 4: Making the Middle Part

instructions buggy chain, stroller chain, pram chain: strung letter cubes, alphabet cubes

Now it's time to play with different shapes, turning your stroller chain into something special and exciting: String the horizontal string's remaining wooden beads, motif beads as well as letter cubes. Also don't forget to add the second small ring.

Before attaching the second pacifier clip in the next step, you should check whether you like your pram chain this way. Hold the buggy chain to the buggy's hood to check if the length is sufficient.

Step 5: Attaching the Second Pacifier Clip

instructions buggy chain, stroller chain, pram chain: attaching pacifier clip

Pull the cord taut and make a simple knot. String the dummy clip via the metal eyelet and attach it with a double knot. Weld the knot with the lighter. Please check the knot for tensile strength.

Step 6: Preparing the First Dangling Strand

instructions buggy chain, stroller chain, pram chain: creating dangling strand

Add the first dangling strand wherever you want. To do this, take a piece of cord twice the length of the desired length. Fasten this piece of cord in the middle with a simple knot between two beads, so that the ends are equally long. Now carefully weld both cord ends together. This makes stringing the beads easier.

Step 7: Stringing the First Dangling Strand's Beads

instructions buggy chain, stroller chain, pram chain: dangling strand with beads

Now string the dangling strand's first beads. You can also add a wooden ring of any size.

Step 8: Finishing the First Dangling Strand

instructions buggy chain, stroller chain, pram chain:  finished dangling strand

String the wooden beads that are placed within the wooden ring. Since the beads are of different sizes, you should test first how many beads you need by laying them down: The inner ring in our example (size M) has a diameter of 42 mm.

Now we're attaching the little bell at the dangling strand's end: First make a half knot. String the bell and attach it with a double knot. Carefully shorten both ends of the PP-polyester cord with scissors until just before the knot. Also carefully melt the ends with the lighter and fuse them to the knot by pressing them together with your fingers.

Welding the knot properly and conscientiously is very important. That's the only way it won't come undone!

In case you do not want to add a bell at the dangling strand's end, we recommend using a safety bead instead. If you string the safety bead with the larger hole pointing outward, you can easily hide the knot inside of it. To do this, make a simple knot with both cord ends after the last wooden bead. String the safety bead. Push the it with its smaller opening first over the knot. This hidden knot tightens the dangling strand. Now double knot the end of the cord and weld it. With the help of tweezers you can easily push the knot into the safety bead, thus hiding it.

Step 9: Making the Second Dangling Strand

instructions buggy chain, stroller chain, pram chain: finished buggy chain

All good things come in ...twos: Make a second dangling strand for your baby just as described in steps 6 to 8

Your personal buggy chain is ready. We hope your child and you will enjoy it during all of your trips!




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Important Notes for Using Buggy Chains

Special care should always be taken in regards to baby accessories. Therefore, please observe the following notes regarding the use of your self-made stroller chain:

  • Never leave your baby unattended with the pram chain.
  • Do not use the buggy chain when the child is in bed, in a cradle or in a playpen.
  • Never use the buggy chain when the child is sleeping.
  • Check the stroller chain regularly for safety.
  • Clean the buggy chain carefully with a cloth. Strong detergents or disinfectants are not suitable for cleaning.

Advantages of Using a Buggy Chain

A self-made pram chain accompanies you and your child in everyday life. Whenever you use your stroller, this practical toy swings delightfully over your baby. The little one stretches out its hands to all those swinging bead strands and tries grabbing them. This way your child can sit comfortably in its buggy while you're remember your cozy crafting time: crafting a stroller chain is a fantastic project that gives you a lot of creative freedom. Designing the chain, stringing the wooden beads and attaching the bells as well as the dummy chain clips is relaxing – a great distraction from everyday life's stress! Thus, you create an individual toy that is also a chic accessory for your buggy.

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