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Handicraft instruction buggy chain

The buggy chain is an integral part of every buggy as with the buggy chain the child is able train their own senses and has sometime to play with as a pastime. This gives parents a way to calm the child in the buggy and keep them busy. With our handicraft instruction design your own individual child buggy chain. In our online shop you will find products in more than 30 colors with various motives and proverbs. The buggy chains are bit more challenging to make compared for example with a dummy chain with name. It takes about 30-60 minutes to make a buggy chain. We would very much appreciate it if you would send us a photo of your finished masterpiece.

You will need following craft stuff:

Craft stuff for buggy chains

You will require following small tools:

needle and threadneedle and thread

Craft stuff for buggy chains:

Make your own buggy chain - this is how to do it:

When you have the craft stuff in front of you lay out the beads create your desired design. Try and play around until you have created the perfect buggy chain. Later it will be quite difficult to make a change. Before you start making the chain please take note of following: Please work cautiously and carefully. Check every knot several times. Should a knot open later there is the danger through swallowable small parts.

An important aspect when planning a buggy chain is to know the width of the buggy’s hood where the buggy chain will be attached to. The maximum statutory permissible length for a buggy chain is 38cm (measured without clip). So that the buggy chain sags a little it should be a bit longer than the width of the hood.

Clip with knot

When you have the required craft stuff in front of you then you can start. First you put a loop through the clip and make a knot. Afterwards you weld the knot with a lighter so that it will no longer open up.

Beads strung

You need to also weld the longer end of the cord with the lighter which will make it easier to string the beads and motive beads. Now you can individually string the round beads, lens beads and motive beads. The number and type of beads can be chosen matching your taste.

Letter cube strung up

In our example now the mini rings and letter cubes follow. There is also option of including other elements into the buggy chain. Like for example rings in the size S or size M.

Further beads strung up

Now you string on the remaining beads. This is then followed by a clip. Before you should check if you like the buggy chain as it is or if you have possibly forgotten beads.

Clip strung up

Afterwards you pull the cord tight. Attach the clip with the cord and weld the cord again with the lighter. Please subsequently check the knots for tensile strength.

Create side thread

Now you can create a side string at a chose n place. For this you take a piece of cord in the desired length. Fix it to a simple knot between the beads. Weld the cord carefully at both ends with each other. This makes it easier to string the beads.

Side string with beads

Now you can individually string the beads. In our example we use additionally a ring in the size M.

Side string finished

At the end of the side string you can tie a simple knot. With a safety bead you can also make the knot "disappear". The safety bead has a slightly larger hole on the side. In this you can put in the know with a finger or a tweezer. In our example we use a little bell at the end. This you can fix with a double, well-welded knot.

Finished buggy chain

Afterwards you put a further side string on the other side on the buggy chain. After you have created this your handicraft work is finished.

The individual buggy chain is now finished.

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