Handicraft Instructions Grasping Toy With Name

Personalised, Versatile, Developing Baby's Senses: a Self-Made Grasping Ring With Name

Turning beads, pushing rings back and forth, ringing a brightly-chiming bell bell: A grasping ring with name is a wonderful baby toy, making your children smile broadly. The grasping ring helps to develop the children's senses of touch and sight. Combine different elements with each other to create your own personalised grasping ring.

With a little skill, even inexperienced crafting fans can create a beautiful grasping ring in about 30 minutes. If you would like to try out a simpler baby accessory beforehand, we recommend trying our handicraft instructions for dummy chains.

Interesting questions and answers about the grasping ring in advance

A grasping ring is a baby accessory that (as the name suggests) encourages grasping and touching. It therefore invites the little ones to be active.
Schnullerkettenladen offers you the wonderful opportunity to put together your grasping ring completely according to your wishes. Choose different elements and thereby make your baby accessories varied and exciting for your child.

Many children from the 4th month find things fascinating that they can explore. These are, for example, accessories that they can grasp well with their little hands and bite with their mouths. A grasping toy with its various elements such as rings, bells and half rings is wonderfully suitable for this.

The baby can improve its motor skills and sharpen its senses with a grasping toy. By playing with this versatile accessory, the baby learns to grasp, touch and observe in a playful way.

Video Instructions for Making a Grasping Ring With Name:

Video Bastelanleitung Schnullerkette

The handicraft material you need for making a grasping ring with name:

step-by-step instructions grasping ring: handicraft material

The small tools you need:

step-by-step instructions grasping ring: scissorsscissors
step-by-step instructions grasping ring: tweezerstweezers

Handicraft Material for Grasping Rings With Name:

Step 1: Experimenting With Beads, Rings and Little Bells

step-by-step instructions grasping ring: handicraft material compiled for grasping ring

The crafting material for your grasping ring is laying in front of you? Great! So let's start: Your creativity is in demand! Experiment playfully with the arrangement of the beads, rings and bells. Swap individual elements, try out different colours and shapes – and enjoy designing the grasping ring of your dreams bead by bead.

We're using safety beads for these handicraft instructions. A safety bead has two different sized holes, so that the cord ends' knot can disappear in it. That's an aesthetic advantage. Please note that for doing so, the safety bead's larger hole has to point outwards. You can also use other wooden beads. In this case the knot remains visible.

To make stringing easier, we recommend using a stringing aid. Either cut off a piece of the PP-polyester cord or use (as in our example) a piece of satin cord. Melt the ends briefly with the lighter to prevent the cord from fraying when stringing. You will need another piece of PP-polyester cord later for the grasping ring's middle strand.

Step 2: Stringing the First Safety Bead

step-by-step instructions grasping ring: strung safety bead

You're happy with your grasping ring's design? Awesome! Then let's start with the preparation for stringing. Double the PP-polyester cord so that it's slightly longer than your planned grasping ring. A length of 50 cm is sufficient. Attach the stringing aid to the loop.

String the safety bead with the larger hole first. Slide it until just before the cord's end. Make a double knot and cut the cord ends carefully with scissors. Weld the double knot firmly with the help of a lighter. Push the knot into the safety bead's larger hole. Make sure the knot sits tightly in the bead and cannot slip through. The knot being properly tight is important for your child's safety!

Step 3: Stringing

step-by-step instructions grasping ring: strung beads

You'll probably enjoy this step, because now your grasping ring is truly taking shape: String up the lenses, letter cubes and motif beads one by one – and have fun watching your grasping ring grow. Only string the lower strand's beads that is/will be connected to the half ring.

The amount of beads required depends on your design and the name's length. The longer the name, the fewer beads should be used. You can also use lenses instead of round beads to save length. This way the grasping ring will stay nice and round.

Step 4: Adding the Small Wooden Rings

step-by-step instructions grasping ring with name: small wooden rings

For even more playtime fun for your baby, slide two wooden mini rings onto the half ring. They can be moved easily and will additionally motivate your child to play.

Step 5: Closing the Grasping Ring

step-by-step instructions grasping ring: closed grasping ring

Now you can string the cord through the half ring's other hole. If necessary, use tweezers for this. String the same beads onto the cord's end that is looking out as on the other side of the half ring. Cut the loop so that you get two cord ends of the same length and remove the stringing aid.

Pull one of the cords out of the safety bead. With the pulled out cord end, make a simple knot behind the bead that is in front of the safety bead. String the safety bead back onto the previously pulled out cord end. Push the safety bead with its smaller opening over the knot. This hidden knot makes the lower bead strand tighter. Make a double knot and weld it, just as in the very first step. With the help of a pair of tweezers the knot disappears easily into the safety bead.

Step 6: Making the Middle Strand

step-by-step instructions grasping ring: strung middle strand

Let's create your grasping ring's middle strand. It is advantageous to attach a little bell at the bottom end of the middle strand. On one hand, the baby will enjoy hearing its beautiful ringing. On the other hand, when using a bead, you would otherwise have to make an additional knot at the bottom end to hold it.

So double your cord and pull the bell up to the loop. For easier stringing, it is best to carefully weld both cord ends together. Now you can add different beads. Make sure that the middle strand remains quite short. This is very important, because babies often put toys in their mouths. If the middle strand is too long, it can lead to gagging.

Step 7: Attaching the Middle Strand to the Grasping Ring

step-by-step instructions grasping ring: finished grasping ring

String the middle strand from below through the half ring. Make sure that there is a small ring on the left and right. String beads onto the cord's end that is looking out. Now separate both cord ends from another.

Pull one of the cords out of the safety bead. With the pulled out cord end, make a simple knot behind the bead that is in front of the safety bead. String the safety bead back onto the previously pulled out cord end. Push the safety bead with its smaller opening over the knot. Make a double knot and weld it.

You're done! Now be proud of your self-made grasping ring with name. We wish the child lots of fun discovering its new companion!




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Important Notes for Using Grasping Rings

Special care should always be taken in regards to baby accessories. Therefore, please observe the following notes regarding the use of your self-made grasping ring:

  • Never leave your baby unattended with the grasping ring.
  • Do not use the grasping ring when the child is in bed, in a cradle or in a playpen.
  • Never use the grasping ring when the child is sleeping.
  • Check the grasping ring regularly for safety.
  • Clean the grasping ring carefully with a cloth. Strong detergents or disinfectants are not suitable for cleaning.

Advantages of Using a Grasping Rings

A grasping ring with name is a wonderful baby toy: Your child can enjoy feeling its different shapes and looking at its bright colours. It can rattle with the grasping ring and enjoy the bell's ringing. While playing with the grasping ring, the baby is playfully training its senses and motor skills.

A handmade grasping ring is a visual highlight as well: Create your own grasping ring designs by playing with different colours and elements. And how about personalising your designs with your child's name? This way you will receive beautiful baby accessories that are individually tailored to your needs. Of course, a grasping ring with name is a joy for other children as well: So how about giving it to your loved ones as a birth present?

Wooden toys have decisive advantages: Wood is robust and feels pleasant on the skin. It is antibacterial and thus transmits fewer germs than plastic. It is also a renewable, natural raw material.

6 Inspiring Ideas for Especially Beautiful Grasping Rings With Name

These suggestions are of course only a very small selection of infinite possibilities. Thanks to our high-quality handicraft material combined with your own creativity you can create the most beautiful and personal unique grasping rings.

Schnullerkettenladen opens up a world of colourful handicraft materials for grasping rings: Be inspired by our high-quality colourful wooden beads and motif beads – and create your very own personalised grasping ring! Of course our handicraft material is of high quality and tested for harmful substances. Therefore our handicraft supplies are suitable for babies and children.

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