Handicraft instruction grasping toy/ring with name

The grasping toy/ring with name is a perfect baby toy and has been extremely popular for many years now. With the grasping toy/ring with name the sense of touch and sight as well as the play instinct of the child are stimulated. It is possible to individually create the grasping toy/ring with different elements. We offer you both a clear handicraft instruction as well as a wide selection of craft stuff for grasping toys/rings. Our offered craft stuff meets the highest standards and is suitable for both babies and children. All colors and lacquers are tested and completely harmless for babies. It takes about 30 minutes to make the grasping toy/ring and is no problem even those with limited skills. For a start we recommend something simpler such as the handicraft instruction for dummy chains.

Folgendes Bastelmaterial benötigen Sie:

Craft stuff for grasping toys/rings with name

You will require following small tools:


Craft stuff for grasping toys/rings with name:

Make your own grasping toy/ring with name - this is how to do it:

In our example we use a 1.5 mm PP cord and 12 mm safety beads which one can use but is not a requirement. You can also opt for the normal 10mm or 12mm beads. In this case the knot will be visible above the bead and can’t be hidden away.

Lay everything out and then you can start.

An important piece of advice from the outset. For a easier threading of the cord we recommend to briefly heat up the tip of the string with a lighter.

Safety beads strung up

The first thing you do is take the half-ring and thread on the left side of the tie from bottom to top through the outer hole, pull through a lens bead and followed by a safety bead. When this is done you make a double knot in the tie, weld it with a lighter and hide the knot in the safety bead. For this push the knot with the fingers or needle-nosed pliers back into the hole or pull the string strongly until the knot disappears in the safety bead. Afterwards you pull the string tightly so the lens beads and the safety bead fit the grasping toy/ring.

Very important: Make a very good knot, best a double knot and don’t forget to weld as it increases the safety for your child.

tools for tinkering

Should you have difficulty getting the string through the upper hole use small needle-nosed pliers or tweezer to pull it through the opening.

Beads and letter cube strung up

Now you can select as you wish whether you want to use round beads and lens beads as well as the letter cube and motive beads you want to add.

The number of beads depends on the length of the name. The longer the name the fewer beads you should use. This way the grasping toy/ring will have a nice round shape and won’t lose its form.

You now thread the beads and the letter cubes and the motive beads, between the letter cube we use lens beads but you have the option of using any beads you might fancy.

beads strung up

Before you pull the string through the right hole it is necessary to pull the 2 mini rings towards the half-ring. You can opt to leave this one out but we do recommend adding a further playing-and touching option.

closed grasping toy/ring

Now the string can be pulled through the right hole (from bottom to top). Afterwards the lens beads and safety bead are threaded through and like in the first step knotted twice and welded. In order for the grasping toy/ring to take a solid form it is recommended to make a knot before the safety bead and pull the safety bead up on the knot. This helps hide the knot under the safety bead and this can be done with the fingers or a small tweezer.

string with small bell

Now a nearly finished grasping toy/ring is in front of you. Now we come to the final step.

Take the small bell and pull through the string so that you have the string twice in your hands.

Medial element with beads and small bell

After the small bell you thread 2 lens beads and the selected motive bead on, then 2 lens beads and 1 round bead. The same applies here, the longer the name the more beads and lens beads you will need to use.

Grasping toy/ring with medial element

Finally you thread the string from bottom to top through the central hole of the semi-ring. Please ensure that one mini-ring is left and right respectively before the last step is concluded.

Finished grasping toy/ring with name

Now thread a lens bead and a safety bead on to the string, tie a double knot and once again weld the knot for a final time. As described above hide the knot under the safety bead with the help of your fingers or a tweezer.

Now the grasping toy/ring with name is finished!

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