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Handicraft instruction dummy chain with name

pacifier clips

The dummy chain is one of the most important baby accessories because now no teat will be lost anymore or fall on the floor. For some time now there is a trend to personalize the dummy chain with the name of the child. In order to stand out from the standard dummy chains there is the option to make them individually with colored wood beads and motive beads or to purchase a dummy chain with name online. In Schnullerkettenladen, in addition to the handicraft instruction for dummy chain with name, you can also find the suitable craft stuff for dummy chains. Our craft stuff has been tested and is completely harmless for babies.

With our handicraft instruction we want to offer you the perfect start to make your own baby accessories because we also offer you for example a handicraft instruction for grasping toys/ring with name and buggy chains with name. It is not very difficult even for an inexperienced handicraft enthusiast to make a dummy chain and will take approximately 10- 15 minutes. Be creative and design your own dummy chain.

You will need following craft stuff:

Craft stuff arranged

You will require following small tools:

string, needlestring, needle

Craft stuff for dummy chain:

Craft stuff arranged

When you have the required craft stuff you start making the chain. The first step is to lay out the beads in front of you in the sequence you would like to make the dummy chain. Here an important note: the dummy chain is allowed to have a maximum length of 22cm (measured without the clip). Now you have the opportunity to try and swap the individual beads. The last bead at the end of the loop can be a safety bead as this has a larger hole on one side where the knots will later “disappear”. It is however possible to do it without a safety bead but then you will be able to see the knot. It is a pure question of taste.


Do you like the order? Then you can start with stringing. For this you take the PP cord and the string with the needle. Take the PP cord double so that both strings are at least 25-30 cm long. Thread the string into the needle and attach the string with a knot to the loop of the PP cord.

beads are strung

Now it is quite easy to string all of the beads. Afterwards you can undo the string from the cord. The string is no longer needed.

Make a knot

Now make a knot on the side with the look and pull the beads up to the knot. Should you have used a safety beads then the knot will disappear in the larger hole.

Knot fastened to clip

Afterwards you make half a knot with the 2 ribbons on the other side. And fasten the clip with a double knot. Then carefully cut the ends of the cords until the knots and weld them with the lighter. Here it is important to properly weld the knots so they don’t open up again.

Finished dummy chain

Now is time to carry out a proper pull test to see if the knot will actually hold. As the little ones will often give the dummy chain a nice tug it is important to see if its strong enough and often the knot is the weak point in the chain.

Now the dummy chain is finished. We hope you had fun making this and you are proud of your very individual dummy chain.

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