Handicraft Instruction Dummy Chain With Name

Individual, Practical and Pretty: a Self-Made Pacifier Chain With Name

Your pacifier chain should be just as unique as your child? Then how about creating your very own personal dummy chain with a name? It's not only a personalised birth present, but also a chic fashion accessory for children. Moreover, the individual pacifier chain is a real support in many parents' day-to-day life. Thanks to our handicraft instructions for pacifier chains with name, making your very own soother chain is a fantastic DIY experience.

Interesting questions and answers about the dummy chain in advance

The dummy chain is one of the most important baby accessories. You attach your baby's dummy to a dummy chain. At the pacifier chain’s other end is a clip that you attach to the child's clothing.
Thanks to the soother chain, the baby's beloved dummy is always at hand and helps to prevent it from falling on the dirty floor or even getting lost. It also helps to avoid confusion with other dummies in the nursery, in the toddler group or on the playground. As you can see: The dummy chain is indispensable, because nothing is more annoying for loving parents than an unhygienic or lost dummy.

The dummy chain is a faithful companion for your baby's dummy. Attach the dummy to the soother chain’s loop using the retaining ring or a silicone adapter. Now attach the dummy chain as such to your baby's romper suit by using the clip. Only attach the soother chain to your child's clothing.
Also, only use the pacifier chain under your supervision. Check your dummy chain regularly for any damage.

A dummy chain is not allowed to be longer than the maximum of 22 cm (measured without the clip). This maximum length of 22 cm is stated in the European dummy chain standard, the EN 12586.
It is important to know that additional parts (for example, silicone adapters) and secondary strands that extend beyond the dummy chain’s main bead strand have to be included in the measured length.

PP polyester cord is particularly suitable for making dummy chains. It is tear-resistant, colourfast and saliva-proof. The cord can also be easily melted with a lighter, which is important for securely welding knots.

There is basically a colourful variety of different beads with which you can express your creativity. It is good to know that wooden beads have a clear advantage for making baby accessories. Wood is antibacterial, robust, timelessly beautiful and it is a renewable, natural raw material.
It is important that the beads used are suitable for babies. The colours must be non-toxic and all components used must be free of heavy metals and solvents. This applies to both wooden beads and silicone beads.

Video Instructions for Making a Dummy Chain With Name

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Make Your Own Pacifier Chains

Our handicraft instructions for pacifier chains explain in easy to understand steps how you can easily make your own pacifier chain. Making a dummy chain is easy, even for inexperienced handicraft enthusiasts. You will need about 10-15 minutes. So: Be creative and enjoy designing your own soother chain. Have a lot of fun with doing handicrafts! We are looking forward to receiving photos of your work and your feedback on these instructions.

The handicraft material you need for making a pacifier chain with name:

handicraft material for pacifier chain, dummy chain, soother chain

The small tools you need:

needle and threadneedle and thread

Handicraft Material for Dummy Chains:

Step 1: Experimenting With Beads

handicraft material for dummy chain assembled

Your chosen craft material for your pacifier chain is laying right in front of you? Wonderful! Then let's start with the actual handicraft work: Your creativity is in demand! Experiment playfully with the arrangement of the beads. Exchange individual beads, try out different colours and shapes – and design your dream pacifier chain bead by bead with lots of fun. A small restriction for your creativity is the allowed maximum length of 22 cm for pacifier holders – measured including the loop, but without the clip!

You can hide the knot of the loop easily with a safety bead. It has two holes of different sizes so that the knot of the loop can be hidden inside of it. Make sure that the larger hole of the safety bead is pointing outward.

Step 2: Preparing the Stringing

handicraft instructions dummy chain, preparing the cord

You like your dummy chain design? Fantastic! Then let's get ready for stringing. Double the PP-polyester cord so that it's slightly longer than your prepared pacifier chain design.

Without using a small gadget the stringing of the beads will not work. So let's use this little trick: Thread a piece of sewing thread into a needle. You need the sewing thread, because otherwise you won't be able to remove the needle from the finished pacifier chain. Knot the sewing thread as tightly as possible at the end of the cord's loop – otherwise it could come loose while stringing. You can now easily pass the needle through the beads. The sewing thread will pull the cord right through them.

Step 3: Stringing the Wooden Beads

handicraft instructions pacifier chain: beads strung

We're starting with the stringing on the side where you'll later attach the clip: slide bead by bead onto the needle and from there onto the cord. The result: strung beads. On one side you can now find a loop to which you can later attach the pacifier. On the other side the two cord strands remain. Remove the sewing thread with the needle from the cord.

Step 4: Knotting the Loop End

handicraft instructions pacifier chain: making a knot

Knot the loop so that it is still wide enough for your pacifier to be attached to it later. The clip can help you: If it fits through the loop, it is big enough. Push the beads towards the knot. If you use a safety bead for your pacifier chain, the knot will now disappear in its larger hole.

Step 5: Preparing the Clip End

handicraft instructions pacifier chain: knot for the pacifier clip

Let's attach the clip to the chain: with the two cord ends make a half knot on the side of the dummy chain. String the dummy clip with its metal eyelet and attach it with a double knot.

Just before the knot, carefully shorten both ends of the PP cord with scissors. Carefully melt the cord ends with a lighter and fuse them to the knot by pressing them together with your fingers.

It is very important that you secure the knot properly and conscientiously. That's the only way it won't come undone!

Step 6: The Safety Check

handicraft instructions pacifier chain: final pacifier chain

Now carry out a brief visual inspection: Look whether there are any sharp corners and edges or detachable parts. Check the length: Does the dummy chain correspond to the prescribed maximum length of 22 cm?

Check the tear resistance: pull the dummy chain with your full force. If you do not manage to break the chain, your child will not manage it either. Take special care that the knot on the clip does not come loose during the pull test.

Done! You're now proudly holding your individual pacifier chain in your hands. We hope the baby and you will enjoy having it!




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More interesting questions and answers about the dummy chain

The maximum length of 220 mm for dummy chains is determined in order to exclude the risk of strangulation.
This maximum length of 22 cm has a specific reason: 220 mm are slightly smaller than the determined average neck circumference of children from 0 months to 36 months. So it is very important not to extend the dummy chain unnecessarily. Because this way you protect your child from unnecessary dangers.

Measure the dummy chain’s length including the loop or adapter ring for attaching the dummy, but without the dummy clip.
It is important to know that you have to measure the soother chain under tension. That is because the pull causes small deviations in the length. These can lead to the prescribed 220 mm being exceeded, especially if the maximum length is used.

The craft materials you need are wooden or silicone beads, PP polyester cord and a dummy clip. Optional materials include letter cubes for the child's name, motif beads or a safety bead to hide the loop’s knot.
Small tools you will need are scissors, a ruler to measure the length, a needle and thread for stringing and a lighter to weld the knots.

The loop of the dummy chain should be as short as possible for aesthetic reasons. However, it must be large enough so that you can use it to attach the dummy. Our advice is to use the dummy clip as an aid: If it fits through the loop, it is big enough.
Make sure that the dummy chain’s length including the loop (measured without the clip) does not exceed 22 cm.

Pass the dummy chain’s loop through the dummy’s ring from below. Then pull the loop over the dummy’s front from above. Now pull the loop around the dummy’s ring. Finally, pull it tight.

You only need a silicone ring for your dummy chain if your dummy does not have a ring. In this case, the silicone ring is an adapter for attaching the dummy.

If you know before making your dummy chain that you will need a silicone adapter ring for your dummy, work the silicone ring in as a replacement for the loop.
If you want to attach a silicone ring to a dummy chain with a loop, pass the loop through the ring from below. Pull the loop from above around the entire ring. Now the loop tightens around the silicone ring.

If your dummy chain has a silicone ring at one end, push the ring over the dummy’s from behind until the silicone ring is firmly in place.

6 Important Notes for Using Dummy Chains

Special care should always be taken in regards to baby accessories. Therefore, please observe the following notes regarding the use of your self-made dummy chain:

  • Attach the pacifier chain only to your child's clothing.
  • Never leave your baby unattended with the soother chain.
  • Do not use the pacifier chain when the child is in bed, in a cradle or in a playpen.
  • Never use the soother chain when the child is sleeping.
  • Check the dummy chain regularly for safety.
  • Clean the pacifier chain carefully with a cloth. Strong detergents or disinfectants are not suitable for cleaning.

You can find further information here.

Advantages of Using a Pacifier Chain

We as parents hope to have a day-to-day life filled with wonderful family experiences that the baby as well as we can enjoy – with as few stressful situations as possible! The pacifier chain helps us achieving just that. It is one of the most important baby accessories for parents. Why? For instance, because the dummy chain helps holding baby's beloved dummy to remain near the child. Thus, the pacifier neither gets lost nor falls on the dirty floor.

Your baby needs comforting? In addition to closeness and attention, calm your baby by giving it a pacifier. Thanks to your pacifier holder, it is quickly at hand in any turbulent situation.

The choice of names for our children is an important process. We are all the more proud if we can call our child (literally) by name. So why not personalise your pacifier chain with the name of the child? That will makes your soother chain truly unique. A nice side effect: other people will not confuse your dummy chain with name. This is a real blessing, especially at places wehre many kids come together – for example at the playground or in the daycare centre.

Special accessories for babies make your heart beat faster? Do you love dressing your little one pretty and fashionable? Well, that's another good reason for you to make one or more dummy chains yourself.

6 Inspiring Ideas for Especially Beautiful Pacifier Chains

These suggestions are of course only a very small selection of infinite possibilities. Here you will find further inspiration for your homemade soother chains, described in detail. Thanks to our high-quality handicraft material combined with your own creativity you can create the most beautiful and personal unique pacifier chains.

Schnullerkettenladen opens up a world of colourful handicraft materials for soother chains: Be inspired by our high-quality colourful wooden beads and motif beads – and create your very own personalised pacifier chain! Of course our handicraft material is of high quality and tested for harmful substances. Therefore our handicraft supplies are suitable for babies and children.

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