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Handicraft instruction pram mobile

The mobile is ideal for prams as the child has something to play with at all times and train their own senses. With our handicraft instruction for pram mobiles you are able to make your own individual one. From the level of difficulty the handicraft instruction doesn’t represent a major challenge for experienced handicraft enthusiasts but those less skilled will not have many problems with the mobile. For beginners we recommend our handicraft instruction for dummy chains. It will take between 10-15 minutes to make. We hope you have a lot of fun tinkering.

You will need following craft stuff:

Craft stuff for pram mobile

Folgendes Bastelmaterial benötigen Sie:

You will require following small tools:


Bastelmaterial für Kinderwagenmobile:

Make your own pram mobile - this is how to do it:

In our shop you will be able to get the required craft stuff. When you have the craft stuff in front of you then it is possible to start making the mobile. An important piece of information in advance: The pram mobile is statutory limited to a maximum of 22cm (measured without clip). You can try out which beads you might want to use und design your pram mobile. When everything laid out then you can start.

clip connected with cord

First we will put a loop through the clip and tie a knot with the look. Now we have two separate ties. These need to be carefully welded together with a lighter. This makes the threading of beads considerably easier.

beads and half-ring strung up

Now you can thread the beads in different colors and sizes. At the end you will thread the half-ring.

motive beads strung

Afterwards you can integrate beads and also a motive bead into the mobile.

safety bead attached

Now you can either use a safety bead for the end or a normal bead. The advantage of a safety bead that it is possible to hide a knot in it as the hole is slightly larger at one of both ends. For this thread a Thread on a bead and tie a knot and weld it with a lighter.

half-ring with rubber cord

Now thread the rubber cord through the left outer hole in the half-ring. Thread on the outside end of the rubber cord some further beads and at the end make a knot and weld it. Here you can also work with a safety bead in order to hide the knot in it.

beads and letter cube strung up

Now thread the beads, letter cubes and possibly a small bell on to the rubber cord.

finished pram mobile

Now thread through the rubber cord through the right hole in the half-ring and then thread the beads above the half-ring. Make a knot and weld these with a lighter. Finally once again check all knots which is an addition protective measure for the benefit of your children.

Your pram mobile is now finished.

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