Pacifier Chain - Do It Yourself

Make Your own Enchanting, Individual Dummy Chains With Names

making dummy chains: handicraft material

The dummy chain – it prevents the dummy from falling on the dirty floor or simply getting lost. Thus, it is an important as useful baby accessory for caring parents. Moreover, the pacifier chain ensures that the beloved soother always stays close to the child in the everyday hustle and bustle.

As a consequence, many mums and dads wonder: "Should I make a dummy chain myself or buy one ready to go?" That's of course entirely up to you. However, there are many very good reasons for making your own individual dummy chain with name. Because one thing is clear: soother chains from drugstores are mass-produced goods. They cannot be personalised and most of them are visually rather unattractive.

As you may have noticed, we would like to encourage as well as excite you to make your very own dummy chains! Creating baby accessories is a loving art of craftsmanship that leaves plenty of room for personal wishes. So let yourself be inspired by our online shop Schnullerkettenladen with its extensive range of handicraft materials for baby accessories. We also provide various handicraft instructions for baby, children and everyday accessories. We are looking forward to seeing your self-designed handicraft works!

Choosing the right craft material for your unique pacifier chain

Would you like to accept our invitation to make your own dummy chain? Wonderful! Your creativity's fundament is of course the handicraft material for your pacifier chain.

The materials used for baby accessories are not only required to look pretty, but must be safe for children as well. Maybe you're wondering in which ways the material can be unsafe? Unfortunately in many ways. For example, paints and varnishes can be toxic, metal parts can contain nickel and be susceptible to rust or beads can simply be of inferior quality.

The Schnullerkettenladen team wants reliable safety for children regarding home-made baby accessories. Therefore all our craft materials are tested and certified according to the European toy standard DIN-EN 71. You can find more information concerning this matter on our info page about safety regulations for dummy chains.

After these important remarks, let's move on to the joyful part concerning the material: choosing craft supplies for dummy chains!

You need these things to create your pacifier chain in any case:

  • Pacifier clip: The clip can be attached to the child's clothes. Therefore, it is essential – whether made of wood or silicone, whether imaginatively printed or plain coloured.
  • Beads: No beads, no bead strand! That's why you should choose pretty wooden beads and/or silicone beads.
  • Cord: Of course you also need a piece of cord on which you can string your selected beads.

… these products are optional:

  • Motif bead/s: Motif beads decorate your dummy chain additionally. Different shapes, colours and prints make them particularly varied.
  • Letter cubes: You can use wooden, silicone or plastic letter cubes to depict the child's name.
  • Safety bead: Sie wollen den Knoten Ihrer Schnullerkette verstecken? Dann verwenden Sie doch eine Sicherheitsperle mit passender größerer Öffnung.
  • Mini adapter ring made of silicone: Your dummy has no retaining ring? Instead of making a classic loop, you can also attach a mini silicone ring to your pacifier chain. You can simply slide it over the dummy.
  • Bell: A lovely ringing bell appeals to the baby's sense of hearing as well as arousing its curiosity.
  • Textile star or textile heart: A fabric star or heart filled with soft cotton wool invites little baby hands to feel and squeeze.
  • Crochet bead/s: Our crochet beads filled with cotton wool have a very special look and feel soft as well as interesting thanks to its crochet pattern.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our online store! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

The necessary handicraft material for making dummy chains with names:

Making Your own Pacifier Chain is a Creative Experience

You have received your parcel with our handicraft accessories and unpacked it with joyful anticipation? That honours and delights us! So let's start with the manual work.

Our step-by-step instructions for a dummy chain with name tell you everything you need to know in order to create your own dummy chain. The whole process is what makes this beadwork so exciting.

The preparation can be joyful already. Why don't you take your time for a cosy afternoon of handicrafts? You can prepare yourself a delicious cup of tea or coffee. If you like, sit down on a soft cushion. How about some relaxing music in the background – like jazz or classical music? It's also a good idea to check that your table is well lit so that you can see your craft items clearly.

In the next step, think about your dummy chain's design. You can either draw it in advance or you can directly arrange the individual beads. Then you can follow the instructions step by step: from the almost meditative beads' stringing, to the knots' fusing with a lighter, to the final pull test.

You will notice: With every single self-made dummy chain you will become more and more skilled and experienced. Soon you will enjoy experimenting with a wide range of handicraft material – and you will dare to tackle bigger handicraft projects like the pram chain!

Optional craft accessories for homemade dummy chains:

Make your own soother chains with different themes and mottos

When designing your own pacifier chain, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to its appearance. Please take a look at the following list. It can give you inspiration for dummy chains as well as a little help with possible themes:

  • Simple elegance: Should the child's name be the main focus? If so, restrained pastel colours as well as simpler pacifier chain designs are the answer.
  • Colourful like a rainbow: Strong colours on a dummy chain radiate true joie de vivre at sight.
  • A loving or funny saying: Show it clearly: Your child is "Mummy's Angel", "Grandpa's Sweetheart", a "little princess" or a "little prince"? Then choose dummy chain clips or motif beads with according prints.
  • Classical symbols: Popular motifs such as heart, star, flower, anchor or bow can be combined particularly well.
  • Pure nature
  • Would you like to express your love for the earth' flora and fauna? Then choose motif beads, teething pendants, motif clips in animal, mushroom, cloverleaf or flower shapes, or with such a print.
  • Technology that inspires: Technical achievements can be very fascinating! So how about vehicle motif beads like those with an aeroplane, a locomotive or a car?
  • "What's your favourite hobby?": Answer the question about your (or your child's hoped-for future) favourite leisure activity with a suitable motif bead: could it be a clef for symbolising music, a football, a skull with crossbones or a saying to symbolise rock music – or a teddy bear as a symbol for cuddling?
  • Enchanting fairytale world
  • : Let yourself be enchanted by shapes and imprints from another world – like unicorns, fairies, princesses as well as princes.
  • Festive occasions: There is something to celebrate? Then why not adapt your dummy chain to the festivity? You could use noble metallic colours such as gold and silver, for example. Wooden beads with a fine mother-of-pearl-like shimmer look particularly elegant as well.

Advantages of a Home-Made Dummy Chain

cute baby with dummy chain

The creative freedom when making your own dummy chains is the main reason why this skill is so special and lovable. Thanks to your own personal imagination you are able to create individual personalised baby gifts.

The occasion for such a present can already be a baby's birth: a homemade dummy chain with name is a fashionable as well as inexpensive gift for a birth. Of course, not only expectant but also new parents will be delighted to receive a pacifier chain specially made for them. That's because a DIY dummy chain is not only practical but a real eye-catcher as well!

So in the end everyone benefits from an original dummy chain design:

  • The child is happy that the dummy is always ready to hand – hanging from a bead strand made of safe, child-friendly craft materials.
  • Parents enjoy the little work of art's pretty sight – and save themselves the trouble of cleaning the dropped dummy or annoying searches for it.
  • Third parties, such as nursery staff, can quickly identify the home-made pacifier chain and thus distinguish it from those of other children.
  • ...and you can be proud of your delightful creations! We wish you unforgettable moments when handing over your pacifier chains to happy parents.

Have a lot of fun creating your own baby accessories and show us your results, if you'd like to!'s Craft Instructions: